Prima Queen Melt Your Emotions With "Milk Teeth"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Love at a distance comes distilled to crystal tones in Prima Queen's new tune "Milk Teeth".

Nostalgia waxes to the wandering sway of a slow, amorous etude in this gentle rock track.

You were once my own.

Alone is where you've left me.

Blinked and poof! Check, please.

Odd Nugget Soci–hecho

"I've had cold feet since you left..."

Prima Queen unpause our emotions with wildly restrained harmony in "Milk Teeth".

Guitars grace the sound space, growing gritty come each chorus to grab at your ears. Halting drums dribble out a strolling beat under rhythmic waves as soft-spoken vocals calmly call from a quiet corner.


Missing more than a person... The lyrics in "Milk Teeth" pine after a past flame, faltered and finally blown dark. There's a genuine intimacy to the sound in this song and it's easy to get lost in.

You can press play on this one right now if you're up for a chill experience tipped with silvery guitar tones. Go on.

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