Present Paradox's "Yellow Blossom" Is Everything a Psychedelic Yogi Could Ever Want in a Song

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Meditative music with words moving through it... Present Paradox's "Yellow Blossom" blends bending mind and expanding ambiance.

Supple sound in a lush, luminous haze overtakes your ears in this gently intense Tuesday tune.

Keep your eyes on it.

A fine-petaled bloom... A light, lambent moon...

And your mind soon seems lucid.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"I fall into the yellow blossom..."

Windy melody in a whirlpool, harmonic, holds us in sway in "Yellow Blossom".

Piano tempts, padded synths project at distance and vocals wash us over. "Yellow Blossom" rises at length to a rolling boil, bringing us along into unconscious space. Words melt to echoes at our sides as percussive elements grant us passage in tribal fashion.


Full of feels, "Yellow Blossom" beckons us into drum-laden psychedelia with a whistle and a drone. Contemplative to the core, this song sends swells of sound over air to the ears with reflective intent.

However it hits you, this song is sure to send you reeling. Really let loose and listen for yourself.

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