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School always seems to last way too long for kids and far too short for parents eager to drop off those same kids and forget about them.

That said...

School stories with more weirdness than you might have wanted wait for your eyeballs below. Maybe rethink homeschooling?

Wings of Desire

Whisper of her lips, Her breath on my face, Eyes, piercing the soul, She is my doom! Freya Morenson is under the protection from a guardian angel since she was thirteen and her father died.

Little did she knows that her guardian angel is not only actually a rebellious, demoted Archangel and next King of Heaven but also that he is also fighting his feelings for her.

Alexander is the archangel everyone fears but only person who anchors him is a human he had been guarding for few years now.

As he makes the mistake of revealing himself to her on a night of accident, he comes to realise that girl is like an addiction to him.

No matter how hard he tried he can't walk away from her.

What fate brings in for them as they both grow forbidden desires for each other and the all powerful archangel have a twisted past to deal with? Note: PART I of Guardian Angel Series.

It is now published under and you can buy a copy at 4 in Paranormal on 2-5-2016

Wings of Desire on Wattpad

School can be brutal and I was so tired of the constant taunts of "what're you hiding under there" because I always wear modest dresses.

Today feeling troubled and hurt I decided to put on a shirt.

Posted on Reddit by Imtryingforheckssake.

More Like This

[AUG21] As punishment, any child who breaks school rules is shoved into a cabinet with browned nails and spikes embedded inside.

But the worst part wasn't either of those, but the sensation of noxious, foamy water seeping through my socks and into my skin.

Posted on Reddit by BATORAAAAA.

Quenching The Thirst

What happens when a person whom you loved out of the blues comes backs and stands in front of you? Nandani has a crush on Manik Malhotra since her high school days and till now she had been committed to him.

A saga of one sided love which was not destinied to be true or is it? A tale of love mixed with the paranormal and vampirism.

Earlier know as My Childhood's Crush.

Quenching The Thirst on Wattpad

You might not remember me Mr. Football Star, but I certainly remember you, the Dentist said as I slowly began to fade out of consciousness from the gas.

He turned on his metal drill, smiled and said, You and your buddies broke my teeth in high school for no reason, so now, Im going to break yours.

Posted on Reddit by davinpantz.

"Ever since I enrolled in medical school, I can see disease everywhere."

"But these abnormal symptoms ... I can't be the only one able to see these people with foaming mouths and bleeding eyes ..."

Posted on Reddit by Sir_Oragon.


I am Samantha Quin.

I am a Hybrid.

Hybrids are fabled, dangerous creatures in the paranormal world.

Rarely ever created due to the riffs between breeds, Sam is especially strange.

The werewolf-vampire hybrid lived a comfortable life among a covenpack mix that allowed her to openly experience both sides of her, but once she turned sixteen, she was sent to South Haven.

South Haven is the best school in the country for the nonhuman.

Unfortunately for Sam, the rest of her world does not get along like she'd been taught.

Exposed to the hatred and violence caused by the tensions between breeds, Sam struggles to find her place.

And as if fitting in wasn't enough, she must also deal with not one but TWO desperate love interests and a war that's growing each and every day outside of South Haven.

Will she find her place? Will she meet "the one"? Can she stop the War before peace becomes so distant and impossible it pushes the paranormal back into the stone ages? Or will she fail? Unedited

Hybrid on Wattpad

After my little boy came home crying because of being picked on by school bullies, I mercilessly beat him with my belt over and over.

And once the last lash triggered his transformation, the beast grinned at me and then charged out the door to go give those little #&@$ers what they deserve.

Posted on Reddit by overmind87.

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