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After fire was invented, it took a lot of courage to try eating chicken again..

But, did you know...

You can keep on scrolling if you think you can handle some of the weirdest fire stories and books on the net.

Twin Kitsunes: Fox's Game

Trouble always finds a way to Araya and Akiya.

The two had managed to get their best friend Storm out of an underground fighting rink but they opened new problems.

The nogitsunes were back except this time they have a werewolf who happened to know Storm before she was turned.

With the werewolf who turned Storm back things couldn't get even more complicated.

They have nogitsunes hunting them down and a new threat rises.

A hunter with a connection to Storm's past.

Once more they are tossed into yet another battle much dangerous than the last one.

Book 6 to Twin Kitsunes.

This book is protected by copyrighted.com

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The eyes of fire that I saw in my childhood

When I was around 10 years old, one night they sent me to look for one of my sisters at her friend's house, who lived around the corner, it was night and when I left I look at the exit door. Half a meter from the ground, two eyes looked at me, they were yellow that alternated between orange and red. They seemed to have fire inside, scared I went in and did not come out again that night. It was another of my brothers for my sister, she told me that there was nothing outside. I never knew what it was that I saw.

A separate paragraph commented that at that time he lived in Villa Albertina, belonging to the Lomas de Zamora district, south of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In front of my house there was an old abandoned water bottling plant, it was a property that all the boys on the block were fascinated and scared of at the same time, it was a factory full of old and rusty machines, it had a huge patio with a pool that she always had rotten water inside and a row of huge eucalyptus trees separated her from the street, now imagine going out at night and seeing that scene, and those eyes. If something similar happened to someone I would like to know.

Posted on Reddit by CallMe-MrFarenheit.

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A 17 year old girl named Alice has had the same dream over and over again.

A dream where she is always surrounded by blue fire.

She finds out something about herself that is feared by everyone and is forced to run away with her 21 year old brother, Jack.

What she finds out will change her forever.

Luminosity on Wattpad

The boosters fired with perfect synchronicity and the rendezvous with the command module is progressing as expected.

From the surface below you were simply regretting not having been in the lunar module at the scheduled launch time.

Posted on Reddit by EarthMarsUranus.

When his body caught fire, I realised my parents' minds would finally be free from his influence.

But why did they get mad at me when I pushed the weird man with the pocket watch into my birthday candles?

Posted on Reddit by Winjasfan.

Bereft [SAMPLE]

[ORIGINAL DRAFT SAMPLE ONLY] Sara Gaspard swore she'd do anything to find those responsible for her sister's death, but teaming up with the Sin of Pride is more than she bargained for.

Desperate and dying, Sara Gaspard promises her soul to the Sin of Pride if he'll find the madmen responsible for ruining her life, but they soon discover her wish is more complicated than expected.

Together, Sara and Pride delve into a twisted world of insidious plots, occult fanaticism, and paranormal disaster as they search for answers and struggle to survive.

As the danger in the city of Verweald rises, Sara and Pride must find the cult before the newest threat haunting the city's bloody streets claims them both.

Book 1, the Bereft Series]] [[Writer's Debut Watty Award Winner]] [[Readers Choice Award]] [[REMOVED MAY 7TH 2021]]

Bereft [SAMPLE] on Wattpad

My Wife and kids were stuck in the house surrounded by the fire

All was going to plan.

Posted on Reddit by jacob_rich6.

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