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It's okay if the weird airbnb stories below freak you out! I'm pretty sure that's what they're supposed to do...

What do I do

My sister went to some abandoned farm place with her friends and all the people she went with had dreams that night about about bonfires and ghost kids trying to go to their houses. My cat that morning is just terrified if my family room full of toys and literally pees on the ground on 2 separate occasions she was that terrified. You could feel a presence. That night I had to sleep because I had a psat the next morning at 8am but the entire night I just felt like $#!# and couldn't sleep. I wake up at 4am and I am sweating terrified like someone is watching. I gain the courage to look and I turn on my light and nothing... I stay awake till my family wakes up and I go to the school and take the stupid test. I eventually come back home and my cat is now not afraid of the room anymore so yay the thing is gone. So I thought. I lay down on my bed with my other cat and I start to drift off watching tiktok videos and I shut my eyes after five minutes I feel a #$@$ing tug on my goddam arm.... holy $#!# wtff. I am not the basic horror story family, I immediately say wtff outloud and leave my room and tell my family. My mom is reassuring me it is not a demon or harmful ghost as all ghost are just energy beings and nice or some $#!#. I am not bouta die rn because she too in denial to get me to an airbnb miles away. Reddit what do I do.

Posted on Reddit by Jacob_Overk1ll.

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My stay in the oldest building (built in 1260) in Zurich, Switzerland.....

LONG STORY: Back in October of 2017, my band and I were in the middle of our two week long European tour. It was a great experience, however - what experienced there will probably be with me the rest of my life. In fact, it is something I cant rationalise or explain to myself.

Anyway. Heres some backstory.

There were four of us, driving around Europe in a Honda Jazz all the way from Scotland - plus musical equipment and clothes. Some venues (including this one) would offer accommodation and food on top of our fee which was amazing, and you can imagine, after being in cramped conditions on the road for 9 hours at a time - we werent really wanting to turn anything like that down.

After our gig, some of the band wanted to go out and see the local nightlife whereas myself, I just wanted to lie down, relax and just browse the internet - as we were coming to the end of the tour and I was in need of some downtime.

We were led up to our room which was above the bar (which we assumed would be a very basic room with a bed and bathroom) and led us into one of the most modern Airbnbs Ive ever stayed in. It was super clean, super high tech, two big massive bedrooms with king sized beds - with a shower and jacuzzi bath, massive kitchen and beautiful wooden floors.

I decided to sleep on the floor of the livingkitchen room on my blow up mattress, which was open planned, and the linking communal room to the bedrooms and bathrooms. As my band mates were getting ready to go out on the town, I saw a leaflet on the kitchen table that said that this building had been around SINCE 1260, which was an incredible as you would never know as the building and bar had been renovated to the point that you didnt really see any of the old designs anymore.


I said goodbye to my band mates as one of them mentioned they were going to have a bath when they got back. I shrugged it off and asked him to be quiet and to try and not wake me, as my bed was real close to all the doors as it was in the middle of the communal room. After they had left, I turned over and went to sleep pretty quickly........

I woke to the sound of a dripping tap. It was pretty dark but my eyes adjusted fast, the lights of the city were coming through the cracks in the blinds. My first reaction was being mad at my band mate for not turning the taps off properly after he had a bath (turns out later that he never ended up having one). I turned over and saw it was about 3:30AM on the wall clock. I threw the blankets over my head and closed my eyes again....

Then IT happened:

What almost felt like a large weight come down on the bottom left corner of my bed. If youve ever been on a bouncy castle and when weight is distributed from one side and inflates the opposite side.. except this launched me about an an inch in the air. This was the first time I had felt real, sobering fear. Like an ice shock down my spine; probably the adrenaline in hindsight.

I remember I stopped breathing, my heart was racing and it was silent in the room. I felt it again, this time less abrupt, more like a kid nudging you for attention. I remember thinking, This isnt in your mind. This is actually happening.

Terrified, I threw the blankets off me and looked down towards the foot of my bed. I didnt see anything at first until I looked further back beyond the dining table, which maybe two feet from the foot of my bed, I noticed a shape. I blinked several times to be sure but I swear I saw a girl, with no face and long hair down to her feet. She was about 56, pale as anybody could be and she almost looked sodden. As if she had been in the rain.

I tried to scream but I couldnt and I threw the blanket over myself and told myself to go to sleep. I dont remember falling asleep, but when I woke up, I saw one of my band mates sitting at the dining table doing some work on his laptop. I was so relieved that it was daytime, I sprang up immediately and told him what happened. Of course, half asleep and rantings of a ghost... he told me it was a dream and to calm down.

My other band mate, Gary - who had slept in one of the bedrooms, woke up and joined us. He looked pale as a sheet. I asked him if he was ok but assumed he was just hungover from last nights antics. When we had packed our things, two of the boys went and got the car while Gary and I minded our belongings in the lobby over a cigarette and coffee. I asked Gary how he slept and before I could say anything he replied,

Mate you would not believe me if I told you.

I stared at him for a couple seconds and asked what had happened, thinking it was a bar story or a funny story perhaps. I couldnt of been more wrong. Lets also state that Gary and I are skeptics - which doesnt mean we dont believe in ghosts, just we are the type of people that need proof before blindly believing anything.

He began to tell me in the middle of the night, someone had got into bed with him. He had awoken to the feeling of the blanket lifting up and someone sliding in next to him. He told me that he was too petrified to move or call out and just tried to make himself fall asleep like me. And he never had the bath he intended to take. So that explained why he looked pale white when he woke up, he was not intending to tell anyone because it sounded so unbelievable...

We stared at each other for a while and said wed never sleep another night in Zurich.

EDIT: After some research as it has been a couple years, I verified the place with my band mates. It is between altstadt and grossmunder, Ankengasse 4, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland. We were playing at place called ALPLI BAR - a 13the century house that apparently used to be a stable.

Posted on Reddit by hamish051.

How did you get my wife's number?

So, here in Puerto Rico.. just got back to the main island after being on a smaller one for the week and we find out on the ferry back over that our lodging got cancelled.

Not sure what to do I look up "hotel" on google maps and call the first place and miraculously they have some availability. The woman insists we book on airbnb but we can't find it by the name she is giving us so I ask her if she can text the link to us.

By this point I've handed my phone to my wife to arrange everything and the lady says that she can text it to us. My wife asks if she needs the number (she was going to give her phone number) but the lady says, isn't it this number you called me on? So we are like, sure..

A couple minutes pass and I'm surprised she hasn't texted me (at this point I'm on my phone and my wife is on hers)

My wife gets the text and is like, ok here it is..

Takes a minute but right as I'm realizing it she looks at me and says.. "how did she get MY number?"


Spoke to the lady and she says she just got reply.. I'll see ifhow I can upload screenshots of the call from my phone and text to my wife's phone..


Don't see how to add the screenshot, if someone knows lmk.. I see I can add a link so that's a longer process but I'll do it once I get back to the states..

Posted on Reddit by qforgues.

Is this a glitch or should I be scared?

Sorry for the bad English, it's my first time posting and I'm a bit shocked right now. Also that's a series of, what I want to think are glitches and nothing more.

Backstory: A couple of years back my grandma (she died at 2015-2016) was the person I used to love more than anyone. She used to bake cookies and make pies every time we visited her, always was there for us emotionally and physically. Unfortunately she got really sick. We rented a house in the building I live so we could take care of her. I used to go there after school, play the guitar for her, drink coffee together and do stupid stuff just to make her smile. The last night I saw her she grabbed my hand and told me looking straight in the eyes " remember me and light a candle once in a while for me". I was terrified. I always told her that when I got a car I would drive her around the city and have fun. That she would look amazing in my sports car. ( Remember this )

Now to the "creepy" part:

I went to her grave for the first time after the burial, since it's in a village a few minutes drive away. I went to see my other grandparents and was with my gf. I drove my sports car (2000 Toyota Celica) past the cemetery and got a weird urge to go in, so I went. I went to her grave, cleaned it and sat there for a while. I found my self talking to her grave. I was feeling like I was talking to her. Anyway I went back to my car and that's where $#!# gets odd. My player didn't work since I left the graveyard. My lights wouldn't go on. The car was fine. It was checked 2 days ago. I looked in the rearview mirror and I saw a figure in the distance ( it was around 3 o'clock so the sun was super bright). The next breath I took was full of my grandmothers perfume. I looked back again and the figure was gone. Everything worked well except from my audio. I went back home and everything was fine.

2nd creepy part

We used to watch a series on the TV when she was at our house while she was playing with my hair. When I was at an Airbnb all alone the same series was on and the perfume hit me like a punch in the gut and I felt a touch on my head.

3rd creepy part

I stay with my parents and when I'm alone (mostly) I can always see a figure with edge of my eye but when I turn to see there's nothing.

4th creepy part

I heard her voice when I light a candle last night and prayed for her soul to be at rest. I heard her voife. Just saying thank you.

Is this a memory glitch? Is this supposed to happen with traumatising events? I'm in shock. She used to always say that she won't leave me alone. That she would SHOW ME she was with me. 20 minutes ago I found an old picture of her. Like when she was in her 30s. I found it in the middle of my desk on my laptop. My mother, father and brother swear they never put it there and my mother has been looking for this picture for the past 3 years. What is going on? Sorry for the long post but as I said I'm freaked out!

Posted on Reddit by JimSteffos.

Weird energies and experience in Santa CruzFelton, CA

This past weekend, my friend, Magick and I rented an Airbnb cabin in Felton with the intent to explore Santa Cruz. This was our first time spending overnight in the area. Now Magick is very susceptible to feeling energies and presences, as she actually practices magick in her own home. Lately, odd things have been happening to us while were together and Im starting to think that the both of us being near each other might attract certain energies or leave us both heightened

We had plans to microdose some psilocybin (psychedelic mushrooms) but both decided to trash the idea once we entered the cabin. She explained that she had felt a weird vibe inside the cabin. Not malevolent, but just off. Neither of us felt comfortable doing this there. We decided to check out Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. The hike was beautiful. I was in awe at how tall the redwoods are (I always seem to forget) We start walking near the river, about 30 mins into the park. Magick is behind me and I heard her shift her positioning followed by a small scream. I assumed she saw a snake or a bug; but she told me that she heard footsteps as clear as day running up behind her. Heavy boot-like, pounding footsteps so loud and close to her ear that she thought she wouldnt have time to move out of the way for them. But when she turned around, that them wasnt. There was nobody there in fact; there was nobody on that part of the trail around us at all.

We head back to the cabin and decide to go to bed around 2:30 am after drinking and talking all night. We were still a little spooked by the feeling of the cabin, so we decided to share a bed that night. It was extremely dark, even with the giant triangle window that looked out into the woods. Luckily, I brought a small plug-in nightlight from home. I ended up having a a nightmare that night. In my dream, everything looked as it did before I fell asleep. My nightlight was still plugged in. In the bedroom, there was a mirror on the wall across from me that looked into a dark bathroom next to me. In my dream, in the mirror, I could see a dark figure standing there. Thinking this is all real, I clutch my blanket and try not to look towards the mirror. I assumed that this must be my imagination and tiredness because I was still awake I thought. Next thing I know, the bed starts shaking like an earthquake is happening and I start yelling Who are you? And What lives here? Indicating my assumption that whoever was in the room with me wasnt human. Then, I woke up. Grateful that it was just a nightmare.

The next morning, Magick tells me that she had a dream last night too. She said that a heavy set lady walked into the cabin we were staying in yelling for us to get out now!! That we shouldve been packed up and gone already. There was a strong sense of urgency in her voice. Either we were unwelcome or something was trying to warn us or protect us. Anyway, the energy was in flux all weekend.

I never new about Santa Cruzs rich history in being the murder capitol of America in the 70s. I did some deep diving after arriving home and found out that a group of boys were murdered a long time ago on that Henry Cowell trail we were hiking on, where Magick heard those footsteps she wonders if they were one of the boys running away or if it was Mullins spirit; the one who killed them. We also found out that nine years ago, a body of a 20 year old man was discovered on Zayante Rd. Literally the street across from where we were staying and the name of the creek in our backyard.

Im curious to see if anyone on this sub has experienced things like this in Santa Cruz county or elsewhere? I know that Yosemite is also a hot spot for this type of energy. I know that SC is Ohlone land and could possibly be cursed due to all the the genocide and deforestation caused by white settlers. Please let me know. Im intrigued to say the least :)

Posted on Reddit by travelingvettech.

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