Powerwalker's "Two" Will Take You Far, Far Away

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Mega-mellow mood tonic tempts the senses to serenity in Powerwalker's new tune "Two".

A deep dive into amber melody and hazy harmony... This track is an ocean of sound to surround you.

Consider it an ending.

Begin there and believe. Receive...

Get back what you're sending.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"After so many false starts... After the cuts on my wrists..."

Powerwalker place strong emphasis on emotional appeal in "Two," pulling you into a trance state steeped in sun-faded thoughts.

Rides reel you into a start-stop space of syncopated harmony. Drums step and stop on a dime, framing phrases and words in snares and kicks. Airy tones spread across the spectrum in foggy brilliance like clouds, electrified.


The lyrical content in "Two" trips over nostalgia and the makings of memories, moving mountainous heaps of emotion in the process. The mood is wistful. The calm is cold and palpable.

Indie rock needn't be your life's obsession for you to find enjoyment in this song. Simply press play and let it wash away the details of your day.

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