Populuxe Pull Us Into Memories of a "Garage Sale" and More

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Studded garage rock sound seeps from Populuxe's "Garage Sale".

Subtly psychedelic and overtly nostalgic, this track drags harmony over rhythm to a nuanced new dimension.

Who can view tomorrow?

Who can take today? Survival in the moment...

Makes more moments slip away.


"Just junk in a garage sale..."

Shaky, twisty tone-tipped taps lead us along a long lane, melodic, in "Garage Sale".

String notes rush in like sea-breeze and shifty drums ride in on waves as driftwood. Mellow surfer vibes abound amidst rebounding, reverberating keys a-ringing.

No thoughts lie left over as the singer ponders life - the everyday, the hopes and dreams, the lingering longings. Rhythm revolts around the choruses, contributing to the tension drawn between thoughts and aspirations. It seems so simple of a song, but feels so full all the same.


True indie rockers can't possibly keep from clicking play on this track. "Garage Sale" sells you on lush sonic texture, a tale tastefully intoned and too many moving parts to make succinct note of. Listen for yourself.

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