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Real-time strategy games like these are what great gaming fun is all about. Check them out!

The Forest Prison

The Forest Prison video game Developed by Vlad Cristian and published by Vlad Cristian

Developed by Vlad Cristian and published by Vlad Cristian

The Forest Prison is a FPS action puzzle that gets the player to engage in an immersive single-player campaign across 18 levels.

Based on a completely fictional story and characters, The Forest Prison tells the gripping story of a detainee who tries to pass

the tests imposed by the management of a prison from which no one has ever escaped alive.

The prison is located in a heavy wooded mountain area and has 18 sections. You can escape from a section using only 3 tools:

a weapon that opens portals between predefined places

a capsule that opens portals between any two points

boulders that can be used to open doors

There are several methods by which you can complete a level and it is up to you to find the optimal path. Even if the rules are simple,

you must always be careful how you use the tools you have because it is very easy to get stuck in a certain area if you do not follow

the right steps.

It took us many months of hard work and dedication to create The Forest Prison. We had an exciting time developing The Forest Prison and

hope you will have the same fun playing it.

The Forest Prison

The Forest Prison video game Developed by Vlad Cristian and published by Vlad Cristian video screen

More about this game here.

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The Land of Glass

The Land of Glass video game by Dual Wield Software

Made by Dual Wield Software

The Land of Glass is a card game with a twist: speed. It's CCG meets action RPG, combining card collecting and deck building with frantic combat. Choose your heroes, build your deck, and save Vitrerran.

A Real-Time Card Game

The Land of Glass is a new kind of card game, one where combat doesn't go back and forth in precise turns but operates in real time. The strategy and synergy of typical CCGs is present; however, you'll need more than that to succeed. The monsters won't wait for you to choose your best cards.

Combat takes place over two ever-changing grids: attack and defense. Punish your foes with big, heavy blows or swift strikes while countering with a steady stream of defense cards. Use magic to infuse your attacks with fire, ice, explosions, and more; lay traps; burn away defenses; and slow your opponents down for some needed breathing room.

Magic is not confined to simply attacking and defending, though. Alter the playing field itself with massive spells, from fields of fire to lightning storms to man-eating plants. There are nine different types of magic to find, and experimenting is key to survival.

A Character-Driven Story

A knight is sent on a quest he cannot complete. A misfit believes he has ended the world. A mage searches for answers. A blacksmith demands revenge.

The portals were supposed to make Vitrerran a better place. They were supposed to save the continent, to unite a divided people. Instead, they brought ruin. Instead, they brought monsters.

The Land of Glass is an RPG with eight protagonists spanning four campaigns. Each character is forced to explore the world for the first time, to confront his biases and misconceptions as he tries to stop a magical plague that threatens to eat the continent. While set against an apocalyptic backdrop, The Land of Glass tells stories that are both personal and smallit is a character study first and an epic fantasy second.

Because not every quest is noble, and not every world is worth saving.

Key Features

Four campaigns with eight different characters

A unique take on deck-based card games

Character driven story

Nine different types of magic

Hundreds of cards to collect

In-depth crafting system

Stained glass art style

The Land of Glass

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春秋 video game Developed by weiqian and published by INDIECN

Developed by weiqian and published by INDIECN

春秋 video game Developed by weiqian and published by INDIECN video screen

More about this game here.


无尽守卫 video game Developed by 无尽守卫 and published by 无尽守卫

Developed by 无尽守卫 and published by 无尽守卫

无尽守卫 video game Developed by 无尽守卫 and published by 无尽守卫 video screen

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Eudora video game by Deerbell

Made by Deerbell

Eudora is a lo-fi real-time strategy game inspired by classic DOS games like Dune 2 and the Command and Conquer series. Its prototype was produced for the DOS Games Jam.

As was common with games of this era, gameplay focuses on resource collection, power management, and basebuilding (including walls and other base defenses). A clickable minimap is enabled after building the Radar structure.

Ten buildable units (plus a superweapon ability) can be used to destroy the enemy forces across seven maps, including special stealth and survival scenarios, with some featuring bonus units not normally accessible without cheat codes.

Eudora is fully voiced, and the soundtrack was produced with OPL2 OPM emulators.

Unit Profiles



Construction Yard

Facility for maintaining and building new structure. Unpacked from an MCV. For those ready to settle down in their life.

Power Plant

Converts local crops into clean, renewable energy as their decay slightly warms steam generated by a massive nuclear reactor. Automatically utilized by other buildings you have deployed, wirelessly.


Processing and storage for harvested food. Food is automatically sold at charmingly rustic farmers' markets with proceeds used to deploy troops and construct buildings. Comes with free harvester that will automatically begin collecting food.


Lodging for any infantry you may wish to requisition. Infantry won't fight for their lives without being paid, and there's a whole lot of them in there waiting to get paid.


Outpost with a spinning radar dish to enhance air defense capabilities that someone wound up one day and nobody knows how to stop. The spinning provides you with an overview of the battlefield on your interface.


Builds parts for vehicles. It also assembles the vehicles and hires people to drive them around!



Large concrete barriers used to keep the sensitive resources of the military-agricultural complex protected from threats, like public ownership.

MG Nest

Heavy machine gun tower that can take out light vehicles and infantry from a distance.


Emplaced gun turret that is effective against enemy armor.


Sends a request offworld to ready an N2 missile to be fired at the desired location. The authorization to use such a weapon is handled via blockchain resolution on-site by hacking everyone's computers.


Can't be built, but can be captured for their benefits


Owning a hospital slowly heals infantry over time.


Owning a hydroponics facility will slowly give you money over time.




Highly trained expert soldier with small arms, destined for greatness.


Soldier carrying an anti-tank weapon that could also be used on aircraft, if they were implemented.


Field engineer that can capture buildings you don't have control over. Unarmed and highly dangerous.


Heavily armored soldier with weapon capable of destroying lightly armored units like infantry and light vehicles.


Elite soldiers armed with a silenced shotgun and explosive charges and a stealth knife (unused). Rapidly decimates infantry at short range and can be ordered to infiltrate buildings, destroying them in the process.



Heavy tracked combine harvester used to gather local crops. Unarmed.


4x4 ATV armed with front mounted dual machine guns. Fast and lightly armored.


Heavy tracked vehicle sporting a high caliber gun that fires explosive rounds.

Rocket Tank

Light tracked vehicle that fires rocket artillery.


Bulldozer towing a wagon full of all the supplies needed to unpack into a Construction Yard.

Special Weapons

N2 Missile

Large "non-nuclear" di-nitrogen fusion warhead given enough fuel to just point at this planet and go fast instead of having to consider orbital mechanics.


More about this game here.

Forward Defense

Forward Defense video game Developed by Pinpoint Interactive and published by Pinpoint Interactive

Developed by Pinpoint Interactive and published by Pinpoint Interactive

Forward Defense combines fast-paced turn-based gameplay with the look and feel of classic military style RTS games. You're in charge of a well equipped United Coalition Force artillery regiment. Build and repair a wide array of Turret Structures ranging from high velocity Smoothbore Cannons to Howitzers firing 155mm air burst shells. Use Hesco Walls to provide perimeter protection. Your choices truly matter, as each defensive structure has their own unique pros and cons.

Balanced Unit Turret Design

Choose from six different Turret designs and learn which ones work best in different situations. Rotary Cannons will work well against lightly armored targets, while Missile Launchers will be your best bet against long range hostiles. An easy to read Information Window will show you the stats you're looking for.

Unique Detailed Maps

Visit uniquely detailed locations across a vast Middle Eastern country. Hold the line at a sabotaged oil refinery, defeat enemy forces in a war-torn destroyed city and defend fertile farmland near a mountainous village. Each level has a completely different layout so you have to take the environment into account when considering Turret placement.

The Backstory

On June 6 2028, the United Coalition Force invaded the sovereign state of Kardastan. After a brutal three year war, the UCF succeeded in hunting down and assassinating the Kardastani dictator Haddar Sharif. The war sparked civil unrest and led to the rise of the Revolutionary Freedom Army, an insurgent faction who wishes to avenge Haddar Sharif."

For the Players

Forward Defense is launching in Early Access first, so you'll be able to play the game very early on. We're very open to community feedback and want to slowly expand the game with new features, while keeping a close eye on performance. If you have any ideas or concerns, we would love to hear from you!

Full Ultrawide Support

Forward Defense is optimized to work at both 16:9 as well as ultrawide resolutions.

System Requirements

For optimal framerates at high resolutions we recommend using a mid-range CPU and a mid-range GPU. Some of our levels feature large amounts of units onscreen which will run best on a modern graphics card.

Forward Defense

Forward Defense video game Developed by Pinpoint Interactive and published by Pinpoint Interactive video screen

More about this game here.

Ponster 怪武大师

Ponster 怪武大师 video game Developed by 夏至独立游戏 and published by 夏至独立游戏

Developed by 夏至独立游戏 and published by 夏至独立游戏

In this monster world, every little monster is eager to become an excellent weapon master, so the little monster played by the player stepped on the arena of the monster weapon competition to compete for the throne of the Weapon Master!

In the game, the small monsters controlled by players will randomly obtain different types of weapons and launch them at the right time to cause damage to the enemy. You can choose to obtain weapons with different functions, relics with special effects, and special events after each game. After selecting the above items to strengthen yourself, you can also choose to fight ordinary small monsters or challenge elite small monsters of higher levels. Choose the opportunity, choose the opponent, strengthen yourself, defeat the enemy and ascend the throne!

Introduction to playing method: []

Players firing weapons and reloading weapons will consume physical strength. You must choose whether to use physical strength to attack or spend a little physical strength to reload weapons for defense. The enemy's attacks are extremely fierce. If you can't properly choose the attack time and defense strategy, you are likely to fall in front of the first level monster []

Collect weapons and relics with different damage abilities. [] monster and boss in every game.

The weapons of players and enemies will rotate constantly, so launch your weapons at the right time. [] launch weapons at the right time. You can hit the enemy without hitting the enemy's weapons.

Each game has a different experience. [] in each strange martial arts competition, there will be different enemies, the weapons they carry are different, and the weapons players get are different. They can form various buide schools.

At present, the final tone has not been decided for the beta version only. Friends who have ideas about the game mechanism and weapon design can send emails to tell their thoughts,

Ponster 怪武大师

Ponster 怪武大师 video game Developed by 夏至独立游戏 and published by 夏至独立游戏 video screen

More about this game here.


Bannermen video game by Pathos Interactive

Made by Pathos Interactive


Bannermen is a medieval real-time strategy game that aims to refresh the RTS genre and involve the community during the development. Take on the role of a fallen lord on his journey back to become one of the mightiest in the realm. Make your banner strike fear into your opponents and challenge the multiplayer ladder in action packed skirmishes.

This demo only contains a singleplayer mission, but we aim to have both a singleplayer campaign and several multiplayer modes. The game is designed to encourage players to interact with each other and the world, where the typical gameplay elements consist of base building, resource management and battling enemy armies efficiently. The maps and campaign missions vary in both length and shape where different environments allow unique traps and natural powers. This creates interesting variation and combat with greater strategic depth.Bannermen contains something we call dynamic environments. This can for instance be player controlled nature powers like lightningstrikes that can burn forests or electrocute armies, snow blizzards that can freeze water and open new paths, and meteors that smashes into the ground leaving hot lava behind. A lot of the implemented dynamic properties have been suggested from the Bannermen community, and we cant wait to implement more!Nature powers can be player controlled by building temples on religious spots on the map. This will allow the player to gain access to different nature powers depending on which religious spots that are controlled.If want to learn more about Bannermen and get the latest news, please follow our progress at Facebook and via our Newsletter


More about this game here.

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