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Whether your taste in indian open world games is mainstream or extremely niche, the following picks are probably going to be permanent fixtures in your weekly rotation...

Raji: Prologue

Raji: Prologue video game Developed by Nodding Heads Games and published by Super.com

Developed by Nodding Heads Games and published by Super.com

This is an opening chapter of Raji: An Ancient Epic that you can play for free.

Our story begins at the start of a new war between the demons and the gods. Seeking to avenge their humiliating defeat in the last great war, the demons have challenged the gods and have invaded the human realm, threatening nothing less than the utter destruction of humanity.

After the first great war, the humans had fallen into a false sense of security, forgetting the ways of alchemy, while enjoying the peace. Soon, the demons arrived to challenge the humans complacency, and unable to defend themselves, cities and fortresses fell, leaving the humans at the mercy of the demons.

Amidst the chaos, a new hero has risen in the form of a young girl, Raji, who has been chosen by the gods to be the sole defender of the human race. In her quest to save humanity, Raji must also rescue her brother, who has been captured by the demons for unknown purposes.

A Story of Siblings

Experience a story of siblings. Raji and Golu are sister and brother who have been separated by the attacking demonic hordes and now find themselves in the middle of the great war.Raji has taken it upon herself to find her brother and put an end to this reckless war. However, this can only happen if she manages to break down the might and stratagem devised by the great lord of demons, Mahabalasura.

Stunning Artwork

Inspired by Indian mythologies such as Mahabharata and Ramayana, and by the medieval architecture of Rajasthan, Raji: An Ancient Epic brings a refreshing new style to the action-adventure scene!Every corner of the games environment is drawn in the Pahari art style and combines hand-painted textures, rendered in 3D giving the Raji: An Ancient Epic a stunning and unique visual quality rarely seen in games.

Tactical Combat

Diverse weapons and powers, gifted to Raji by the gods, are at your disposal. Mastering them all will be vital to your success as the demonic hordes will skillfully adapt to each and every situation; while the Trishul may be perfect for one battle, the mighty Sharanga bow may be needed for the next.

A Universe Set in Ancient India

For the very first time, experience a game set in ancient India and infused with Hindu and Balinese mythology. You will find yourself immersed in ancient India where every corner is begging to be explored.From enchanting stories from the lore of the game to tightly packed battles against ferocious demons and bosses, ancient puzzles, massive forts and palaces, experience a sibling story who find themselves at the center of a divine war.

Raji: Prologue

Raji: Prologue video game Developed by Nodding Heads Games and published by Super.com video screen

More about this game here.


COLDHEART Mobile video game by eMerald Games

Made by eMerald Games






eMerald Game's Medieval Action game COLDHEARTis now available in Android.

There are only few open world action games for android, so what about making a port of our PC game COLDHEART for android players....and now we have achieved it....COLDHEART Mobile BETA

Please note that the game is in BETA stage and is not fully complete. You are welcome to give SuggestionsFeedbacks either through comments or our discord server.

NOTICED BUGS: The controller won't be visible after RespawningUPCOMING FEATURES : Save systemFor More info PC version :


More about this game here.

Prototype ONE DAY I AM

Prototype ONE DAY I AM video game Developed by TCS Production and published by TCS Production

Developed by TCS Production and published by TCS Production

Zordi Mi le (Reunion Creole) is an open world game prototype on Reunion Island created by Pierre Turpin, explore the "seafront" of the city of Saint-Pierre in search of "dreams": One Day I Am .. in the forest of Bebour; One day I am .. on the Cilaos road; One day I am .. on the Hermitage beach. --Discover Stories: Grandma Kal, the Hawk Pirate. Earn goni to feed your hero with typical dishes: zourite stew, American cork, sarcive. On the program of this prototype, FPS, programmed turbo diesel car driving, puzzle game shhh ... and exploration on part of the map of Reunion Island await you.

Reunion Island, tourist island, island with intense character, a piece of France eager to become a

benchmark player in the heart of the Indian Ocean in the field of games.

A young, dynamic desire, the bearer of an ambitious project, open to discovery, encapsulating the various most popular gameplay modes.

This project could be the first stone of various adaptations for other archipelagos, islands wishing to offer themselves to

new modes of discovery more and more used by more and more generations.

Prototype ONE DAY I AM

Prototype ONE DAY I AM video game Developed by TCS Production and published by TCS Production video screen

More about this game here.

The Legend of Cesar

The Legend of Cesar video game Developed by Felipe Oliveira Cardozo and published by Felipe Oliveira Cardozo

Developed by Felipe Oliveira Cardozo and published by Felipe Oliveira Cardozo

The game takes place in the middle of a forest, where a young man named Cesar lives alone, and his sad memories of a dark past. For when he was a teenager he saw his family being attacked by zombies in the village where he lived.

Cesar, who at the time of the attack, returned from his daily adventure in the forest, witnessed everything from afar and vowed to avenge all the zombies he encountered along the way in memory of his family.

For that to happen, he needed to equip himself with a powerful and deadly weapon to exterminate the zombies with just one blow. So he decided to use the sword inherited from his father for another journey.

Time goes by and Cesar is now young, leaving to take his revenge. For his survival, he must seek food, health in the middle of the forest.

Having been alone for many years, Cesar cannot relate to anyone, because in the game there are Indians, but out of fear, they run away from Cesar, when he approaches, because of his brownish manner. The young man has only one goal: which is to survive and kill all the zombies.

The game contains: Store, Map, Character, Enemies, NPCs, Hunger, Life, Volcano, Village, Coins, Rain and Temperature.

Shop: contains everything you need to survive your adventure.

Map: You will find enemies looking for you, NPCs roaming the map or in villages and coins scattered everywhere.

Character: Cesar, a young man embittered by the death of his family.

Enemies: Zombies that for unexpected reasons will try to kill you.

NPCs: Indians and animals like birds and cows will roam around the map.

Hunger: Hunger is not an ally, don't let Cesar feel it.

Life: A sensitive source of strength that, if hit by any threat, Cesar will lose it.

Volcano: A strange shape of mountain that, at each time of the game, unexpectedly will erupt.

Village: A habitat for harmless beings who love celebrations.

Coins: Source of support within the game.

Rain: It will occur every day in the game, which may cause hypothermia in Cesar.

Temperature: When it rains, Cesar's temperature will drop.

The Legend of Cesar

The Legend of Cesar video game Developed by Felipe Oliveira Cardozo and published by Felipe Oliveira Cardozo video screen

More about this game here.


COLDHEART video game by eMerald Games

Made by eMerald Games





Genre - Open World, Medieval, Fantasy, Action, Exploration

Age Rating - recommended for age 7 and above due to mild violence and scary villains.

Note that this game was made by a 13 year old alone, with 0 development cost.


There is a save and load bug...please play the game in one sitting to avoid it or you can't progress. Sorry


Download the file and extract, open the folder and run COLDHEART 'application' file



Some more effects

Also, planning a small DLC


Written as a .txt file inside the game folder



More about this game here.

New Dawn

New Dawn video game Developed by e-visualsoft and published by e-visualsoft

Developed by e-visualsoft and published by e-visualsoft


Keep in mind that a Steam Early Access game is not completely finished, polished or fully optimized.

New Dawn is a survival sandbox open-world multiplayer game set on an island during the golden age of piracy

Vicious pirates land on an unknown South American island, wreaking havoc everywhere.These seamen are brutal and pitiless. Fighting them off will be no easy feat! A new dawn will rise for the island inhabitants.The peaceful life they have led until now will be no more. They will have to do everything in their power to remain undetected and to survive.But every cloud has a silver lining... The island inhabitants will discover new building techniques, weapons, and other tools useful for survival and protection.

The main character is an island native who builds villages, uses natural resources in his quest for survival, and learns how to defend himself from the attacks of the pirates who have landed on the island looking for riches.

Features Game in Early Access

Customization - Male and Female

There will be a chance to personalize your character by choosing the different types

Map Size

18.0 mi (49 km)

Combat System

3 directions for attacking and defending: High, Middle, Low


A totem depicts a natural or supernatural entity. It is considered a revered symbol of the tribe. Claim the land and build your very own tribe.

The person who builds the totem becomes the Tribe Chief. Inspecting a totem will reveal the Tribe Name, Tribe Chief, Alliances, Tribe Members, as well as Players and NPCs killed by the tribe. All members of the tribe can trade with the allied tribes by using the totem

Tree Climbing

Climb trees to conceal yourself and observe enemies (The climb is working only on some trees)

Pirate Village

Raid pirate villages and camps on the island for rich loot


Fighting off pirates will prove to be a challenge! They will find out where youre hiding and go looking for you

Different Structures to Build

These include a pit house, a hogan, a teepee, and many more

Book Building

An architecture book that explains the construction process of complex structures from different materials (wood, stone, igneous rock) and with different levels of defense

Slavery System

Capture pirates and make them your slaves. Slaves guard and defend the base they are stationed to, but dont forget to equip them

Different Biomes

Explore forests, jungles, beaches, caves, and valleys. Decide where you want to build your village

Nearby Islands

Explore the small islands located nearby

Day-Night Cycle

Protect yourself from the cold of the night and rain in order not to contract an illness


Different kinds of animals inhabit the island. They are extremely aggressive and agile, so hunting them down isnt going to be easy


Defend your village and hunt for animals using different kinds of traps

Mineral Resources

Different kinds of resources for building structures and villages, as well as for crafting tools and weapons


Use herbs to cure diseases, treat wounds, or poison your enemies


Craft tools to help you procure resources faster


Craft different clothing items to protect yourself against

The Future Development Goals

Map Size

21.6 mi (56 km)


Tribe Chiefs can arrange meetings with each other and form alliances between their tribes


Plenty of wreck sites to explore and loot


Fish using a spear or special kinds of traps

Cattle Paddocks

Build paddocks for breeding domesticated animals. Every animal type has its own paddock


Plant different kinds of vegetable gardens that will prove essential for your survival


Find carriage parts that have been left by pirates and look for instructions on how to build and repair these wheeled vehicles


Catch a wild horse and domesticate it


Barter with other tribes to get items necessary for your survival

We are an indie company and we want you - our community - to help us with ideas and development to follow your wishes and imagination about New Dawn.

Good spirits be with you

New Dawn

New Dawn video game Developed by e-visualsoft and published by e-visualsoft video screen

More about this game here.

Escape The Pacific

Escape The Pacific video game Developed by Gamers4Gamers Team and published by Gamers4Gamers Team

Developed by Gamers4Gamers Team and published by Gamers4Gamers Team

In Story Mode play as a lonely adventurer in the most advanced and complex survival game to date.

Discover the cluster based endless world and face the most challenging latitude driven weather system taken from the real Pacific!

The totally customizable raft mechanism offers perfect freedom in designing and building your ideal water vehicle.

Master realistic sailing and navigate through the world using triangulation and a Sextant.

Experience the advanced dynamic fire and protect it from the wind and weather.

Immerse yourself into atmosphere of the early 1800's, search for clues and find a way back to civilization!


Procedural generated map - map generation is driven by a random seed number given by the player

Endless or 5500 x 5500km (3500 x 3500 miles) map in story mode

Clusters with bigger distances between them - players can spend days on the open ocean traveling between island clusters.

Players must be in possession of:

enough food and water

sailing knowledge (based on wind direction)

Navigation and Cartography

Compass - Used for navigating between local islands. For local map making

Triangulation - Used mainly for mapping the islands in the actual cluster

Weather and Seasons

Real Pacific islands weather data is used in our weather engine

27 different modifications for weather engine - players can choose between different weather models:

Normal (default), hot, cold, wet, dry, windy, calm modifiers. Every weather scenario results in a totally different gameplay. Imagine a calm scenario making sailing difficult whereas a scenario with lots of storms and high humidity makes managing fires a real challenge.

Latitude based weather and season - the actual weather is depending not only on the actual day of the year but also from the players actual latitude. Don't like the winter season in the northern zones? Simply travel to the south for a warm summer breeze.

Complex temperature system (sun, shadow, wind, rain ) - Player can experience the temperature as in real life: Hide from the direct sun among the shades. Know to use the direct sun and the wind to speed up drying when you and clothes got wet. And when it's cold and windy without protection you'll feel the breeze of the freeze.

Fire and Rain

Dynamic - the fire engine reacts to the environment and to the used burnable material:

Wind - Wind ensures a quick burning fire process but can also make igniting a fire place much more difficult. In some cases you need to protect your fire places from the wind.

Rain - Rain makes the used resources wet and affects stability and intensity of fire places. If fires are not placed under a roof or trees those will go out over time because of the rain.

Moisture - Reliable fires depend on the 'wet property' of added resources. All burnable resources can get wet due to rain events or when those were found in the ocean. Of course, damp resources dry up fast in the sun or in a windy environment.

Building and Crafting

Blueprints - Craft and build in 3 simple steps:

Place the blueprint of your desired object

Insert the required resources you see in the placed blueprint

Finalize your project - Some building projects require a certain amount of hits with a finishing tool


Realistic sailing mechanic - Traveling by raft is an act of art! You will need wind, an intact sail, a rudder - and knowledge.

Sail - Gets the raft moving. How high up sails are hoisted and how they are oriented compared to wind direction all takes into account how the wind force eventually affects your rafts moving capabilities. In heavy storms you want to take your sails in or those will be torn apart or blown away. With many different sail types available also different sailing behaviour is to be expected.

Rudder - Steer your raft in an old fashioned way


Modular rafts - Rafts can be modified and dismantled any time. Their components can be reused then again to build a better, faster, heavier water vehicle

Building on rafts - Build your own shelters on rafts or convert a plain raft to a houseboat (used also by native people or indians at those times). When traveling long distances it is essential to have a shelter on the raft to protect the player from direct sun, rain, wind, ...


Realistic sun, moon and celestial bodies movement based on latitude and the season - Can you spot a total eclipse of the Sun or Moon? (Achievement)

Different difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard (realistic)

Different time flow constants (how much real time is 1 day ingame): 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours and - for hardcore players - 4 hours

Complex player statistics and experience system - Every value is dynamically developing over time to level up after all. Choose which statistic you want to spend level up points for.

Tiredness and 'need for sleep'

What is planned for implementation:

Sextant - Used for navigating between island clusters or for finding interesting spots on the world map. For global map making

Story driven or sandbox survival

Material aging

Building repair

Building degradation by weather

Different island biomes: rocky, mixed, green, maybe forest

Fauna and flora dependant on actual latitude

Realistic tides based on moon movement

Tsunamis, typhoons and wide variety of atmospheric and oceanographic weather elements

Illnesses and craftable cure system

Achievement system

Refined UI

2 player coop mode

Third-Person game mode

VR support

Escape The Pacific

Escape The Pacific video game Developed by Gamers4Gamers Team and published by Gamers4Gamers Team video screen

More about this game here.

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