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Fighting games where you and the enemy take turns to attack each other is literally the nicest way to fight.

At any rate...

Epic fighting video games like these are totally worth taking a closer look at...

Rubber Bandits

Rubber Bandits video game Developed by Flashbulb and published by Flashbulb

Developed by Flashbulb and published by Flashbulb

Rubber Bandits throws players into a wild party brawler to steal, smash, and scavenge as much cash as you can! Prepare for hilarious physics-based combat with wacky weapons and a huge lineup of criminal characters. Dodge deadly traps, bash rival bandits, and race from the cops to commit the perfect heist - but dont forget to bag the loot!Competitive Criminals: Play with friends or against other bandits online to escape victorious! Join your partners in crime with local co-op gameplay, or create the perfect criminal dream team with two people from one PC.Lawbreaking Levels: Defy the laws of physics and bust out your bandits from highly destructible levels in classic heist themes like The Bank, The Museum and The Docks. Battle it out in Brawl mode, execute the perfect robbery in Heist mode, or become a criminal mastermind in singleplayer Arcade mode!Felonious Fashion: Customise your criminal looks in one of many classic bandit disguises: from cowboy outlaw and cat burglar, to rubber onesie and banana suit.Wicked Weaponry: Use everything at your disposal to win against your opponents and get the goods! Choose from 20 different weapons, from baguettes to rocket launchers, and dodge your way through the destructible levels to smash and grab the cash.

Rubber Bandits

Rubber Bandits video game Developed by Flashbulb and published by Flashbulb video screen

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Stick It To The Stick Man

Stick It To The Stick Man video game by Call Of The Void

Made by Call Of The Void


It's got fly kicks, groin kicks,machineguns, glue guns,ninja stars, bicycle kicks, spinning punches, chainsaws, headbutts, coffee drinking and explosive diarhea (and more).


It's a physics-brawler where you fight stick men to get your job back. Fire them or be fired yourself!


It's a rogue-lite where you keep learning new (and more powerful)moves.


This is just another day at the office.

TEAM:Evan Greenwood, Rohun Ranjith,Jason Sutherland, Jarred Lunt, Jem Smith.Made at Free Lives.Theme song composed by Deon van HeerdenHere's our Discord:keysSpace to attackEnter to enterX to use slow-moTO INSTALL:On Windows:1) Download the file (click the "download now" on this page)2)Right click on the downloaded zipand "Extract All" to a folder.3) Enter the newfolder and run "Stick It To The (Stick) Man.exe"Running the game on a M1 Mac:Download -> Right click the app -> Get info -> Tick the box 'Open with Rosetta'.If the game deletes after download or there is a download error:1) Download the itch.io application2) Search for Stick It To The Stick Man on the itch.io application3) Download the game from the itch.io application

Stick It To The Stick Man

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Renaine video game Developed by Octosoft and published by Octosoft

Developed by Octosoft and published by Octosoft

Hey boyo, Mr. Octopus here and youre in for a wild ride. This games Renaine, and Im your favorite shopkeeper here to walk you through the setup!This heres Aine, shes an orange knight with a feather to pick with a Dragon who did her dirty. Thats no good, but what can ya do? Lucky for her, boyo, she can take a spin at this whole life as many times as she needs to cause shes the Phoenix Knight! pretty neat huh? Especially cause shell need it, boyo! Shes gotta go through the entire kingdom of Lineria, from the mechanized forest of Shellwood to the steep climb of Eastwest Mountain, shes gotta hop bop n roll through it all!But yanno, lifes not all about violence, boyo, this whole kingdoms full of oddballs, weirdos, serious individuals with deep backstories, and octopi looking for some help! Do the whole hero thing enough times and theyll give you emblems to mess around with thatll let you change up the game! Thats in addition to secret feathers, bestiary entries, permanent upgrades, and all that good stuff that makes a game worth playing, boyo, this is the full deal!Thats all I gotta say, boyo, find me in the game at my Very Special Item Shop (TM) and youll see for yourself!Renaine is a game about overcoming failure. Aine, the Phoenix Knight, is tasked by fate to destroy the legendary Dragon. Should she die, she will return. Again and again until the Dragon is slain.Hop, Bop and Roll through Lineria, the world of Renaine! Chat up a cast of colorful characters! Solve problems! Fail! A lot! Overcome failure! Fail again! Lots of fun in Renaine!An adventure through an intriguing world steeped in history and whimsyColorful characters and puzzling quests that explore Renaines rich loreSmooth and responsive gameplay, perfect for speedrunning or just feelin good!Dozens of emblems and permanent upgrades to acquire and masterButtery smooth animation running at 60fpsVibrant, unique, art by Atsuzaki, THC Gourami and SinclairStrangeAn unforgettable, hi-fidelity soundtrack by Mason Lieberman with guests like Kevin Penkin (Made in Abyss), Substantial (Nujabes) and Casey Lee Williams (RWBY)Chompy!Howdy, Squidly here and Ive been at this project for like 2 years now for some reason. Seriously, whos idea was that? But yanno, me and my core team of way-too-good-for-me devs have kept at this for so many years cause we deeply believe in it. We believe this game deserves to exist, its story deserves to be told, its world deserves to be explored, and we have worked tirelessly in service of that. From day one what weve wanted was to make something you come back to a decade from now and think about. We hope that you get to know Aine and her world, and we hope through figuring this game out, youll feel that you yourself are a part of this too. For as long as Ive lived Ive dreamed of making a world that people would want to explore filled with characters that theyd get to know and feel for. Through its loooong development, however, Ive discovered a game is greater than its parts. Lemme tell you - it took us two Kickstarters to make this happen. We got our butt kicked hard repeatedly. But what brought us back up every time was the community, our humble Discord, our backers, our fan artists and speedrunners. This game is not just about Aines journey, its not just about yours either, what this game is about is the journey we all take together. That special connection people have when they join together to do the impossible, to slay that dragon, thats what this games about. It took a gajillion hours of effort from way more people than just the core dev team to make this happen, and hopefully it shows. I hope Renaine is gonna be that kind of game that lasts, a true modern classic, and wed be honored if youd join us to its finish!


Renaine video game Developed by Octosoft and published by Octosoft video screen

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Raptor Territory

Raptor Territory video game Developed by RedClaw Productions and published by RedClaw Productions

Developed by RedClaw Productions and published by RedClaw Productions

About This Game

It is time to be in the shoes of Deinonychus and conquer the World. Raptor Territory is a strategic PvP action game that allows you to take control of a Deinonychus and engage yourself in multiple game modes full of fun and excitement. Collaborate with other players to capture the World Map and beware of your enemies surrounding you to become an obstacle in your quest.

Raptor Territory currently offers 6 promising game modes to immerse you into this world of Deinonychus. Lets take a flash look into these amazing scenarios.

Rescue The Baby Raptor

An baby raptor is pre-spawned. In a capture the flag like game mode you have to pick it up, carry it away and protect it as long as you can!

The Conquerors of the Nest

A multiplayer mode of up to 52 players divided into 4 teams. Be the undisputed conqueror of the nests by destroying the nests of the rival teams. Compete with other teams and become the Ruler.

Become A Foodie!

A light-hearted fun to play PvP mode. Its time to care for your appetite better than others. Eat as much as you can. Beat the other team in this festive meal competition. The team that eats the most wins the glory.

Head-on Collision

Engage in this heart-pumping multiplayer battle mode. This is the classic TDM (Team Death Match). The team with the most kills wins the battle. What are you waiting for?

Capture the Map

In this fun mode, you need to strategically place your branded nests, the colors that belong to your team. At the same time, you need to remove your opponent's nests. Beware! They will be doing the same with you.

The Ultimate Free Roaming

The most wanted gameplay of them all. The Free Roaming. Yes, that is right. Do what you want to do. Eat, Smash, Live and Survive.

Key Features

Fun and addictive gameplay

Multiple fascinating game modes

Simple and easy controls.

Heart-Pumping team battles

7 Different Maps

Raptor Territory

Raptor Territory video game Developed by RedClaw Productions and published by RedClaw Productions video screen

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Gentlemen of Fortune: Maelstrom

Gentlemen of Fortune: Maelstrom video game by ChezJfrey

Made by ChezJfrey

Welcome me Hearties to Gentlemen of Fortune: Maelstrom

This download offers three sets of executables: DirectX9 - 64 bit, DirectX9 - 32 bit, DirectX 8 - 32 bit. By themselves, they provide nothing to play, but each of the versions can play the following, freely available mods and derivatives:

Buccaneers of the Caribe (based on Pirates of the Caribbean)

New Horizons (from Pirates Ahoy! community)

Caribe Stories (based on Caribbean Tales)

Caribe Stories Historical Immersion (based on Caribbean Tales)

Lost Ships City (based on City of Abandoned Ships)

Gentlemen of Fortune 1.2

Gentlemen of Fortune 2.0

Gentlemen of Fortune 2.5

Historical ERAS II

Anyone who has played the above games, knows the frustration with the originals; rife with game-breaking bugs and frequent crashes.

No more! We have overhauled the code, eliminating the vast memory leaks and crash-inducing bugs. In addition, we have improved the performance, and also upgraded from the original DirectX 8 (despite the claim on the COAS box, any process explorer showed the game was never actually running DirectX 9). Also now provide a 64 bit, for systems using that architecture (though even without, all the same fixes were applied to our DX8 and 32 bit versions, so older systems can still benefit).

Some other improvements are the swapping out of Windows memory allocation routines, in favor of a famous, more efficient method that increases allocation speed, improves efficiency and reduces fragmentation. FMOD, for sound, is updated to the most current and the engine implementation of it completely rewritten for new features. Fixed fullscreen task-switching bug that crashed game, to actually allow fullscreen and taskwindow switching inout of game without a problem. Deprecated DDRAW for video has been removed and updated with something newer. Save-file compression routine updated (still compatible for old saves, only in GOF, COAS and ERAS 2). Corrected multi-threading of sea calc routines. Changed to asynch systemtrace logging. Now with built in options to control video adapter selection, VSynch, Triple Buffering, and Antialiasing. Various features were added to support further mod capabilities, notably seen in ERAS II, and things like improved ship AI within the engine itself. These are just a few of the long list of improvementsfixes developed over the last couple years that have been most graciously beta-tested by some forum members over at Base Game: AGE OF PIRATES 2 City of Abandoned Ships; Licensing sold and owned by other third party(s). Original Source Code (freeware) which ran in DirectX 8 was given away freely eight years ago and completely rebuilt and overhauled by the Buccaneer's Reef Team. This is completely new source code which is now capable of running all the older games based on POTC (Storm 2.0) and Caribbean Tales (Storm 2.5), plus the newer based on City of Abandoned Ships (Storm 2.8), but now in DirectX 9 and 64 bit, if desired, to which all rights are reserved by the Buccaneer's Reef Team and official legal licensing pending.

Minimum System Requirements:CPU SPEED: 1.75 GHz Duo CoreRAM: 1 GBOS: Windows XPFREE DISK SPACE: 180 MB

Gentlemen of Fortune: Maelstrom

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Go Gold Castle

Go Gold Castle video game Developed by Lusolab Entertainment and published by Lusolab Entertainment

Developed by Lusolab Entertainment and published by Lusolab Entertainment


GoGoldCastle is an action-packed 4 person multiplayer party pixel game. It has a variety of funky little pixel characters for players to choose from, each with their own awesome abilities and skills. The Game set in a legendary ancient castle filled with all kinds of treasure and magical relics. Explore the Map !


2D Brawler Game - Brawl with other players and steal their coins. In order to win the match, you need to collect the amount of coins of 100 before other players do!

Local Multiplayer - you can play up to 4 players with your friends. Just connect with joystick!

Game Feature

Champion Mode - 4 different unique 2D Brawlers fight in multiple arena. Try to become the richest among all.

Tournament Mode - 1 vs 1 Fight between AI! Win the tournament to unlock more mysterious characters.

Versus Mode - Online multiplayer with other player. fight for the leaderboard.

Go Gold Castle

Go Gold Castle video game Developed by Lusolab Entertainment and published by Lusolab Entertainment video screen

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Fight N' Fall

Fight N' Fall video game Developed by Piloto Studio and published by Piloto Studio

Developed by Piloto Studio and published by Piloto Studio

Slap, push, zap, and freeze solid your friends in lightning-fast combat with up to 4 players. Perfect for parties and also perfect to teach your siblings a lesson or two on who is boss.

Fight N Fall is filled up with unique, colorful destructive arenas ready to be destroyed by your might! Hammer down the right arena pieces to send your enemies - or yourself - frying into the void!

Fight N Fall will have a bunch of unique game modes that allow you to get your creative juices flowing and play the game the way you want to!

For now, the only ones available are the classic and frenzy mode.

Ability Draft lets you assemble your own hero from a set of randomly chosen abilities.

We have game modes like frenzy mode, where every time you use a spell you get a new random one.

Deathmatch mode has no rounds and no arena destruction, its all about who can rack up more takedowns in 10 minutes!

If you are feeling lucky, you can always go to random mode, where the wackiness is off limits!

It matters not if you are a seasoned veteran of the gaming world or if you never touched a gamepad before: It just takes 4 buttons and 1 analog stick to have endless fun with your friends!

Each arena breaks differently!Some arenas have special mechanics, like turning you into a dragon or sending in mysterious gifts.10 Power Ups to spice up the combat even more!Everyone has a dash.Fight N Fall is best enjoyed with friends, so call your buds and invite them over for the fight and falling of a lifetime!We support a large array of controllers including Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and many more! Even if your controller is not natively supported, we support Steam Input, so well always get you covered!We also support Remote Play Together! But please keep in mind the video quality and input lag will vary depending on your internet connection and hardware speed.

Fight N' Fall

Fight N' Fall video game Developed by Piloto Studio and published by Piloto Studio video screen

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Beatdown Dungeon

Beatdown Dungeon video game by Phil Airdash

Made by Phil Airdash

Beatdown Dungeon is a hybrid between dungeon crawler RPGs and fast-paced 2D fighting games. Travel through randomly generated dungeons, find treasure and fight all kinds of weird monsters. The combat is inspired by games such as Guilty Gear or Under Night In-Birth. Controls are easy to grasp and combos allow for creativity, with a lenient cancel system and the ability to summon helper characters . Develop your own fighting style by equipping badges to modify your skills and creating your own Custom Demon fighter.

This is the game's finished, released version. All characters, dungeons and features are included. Thanks to everyone who played the previous versions and offered their feedback!


Six regular playable characters

Customizable "Custom Demon" character. Select their playstyle, moves and appearance yourself!

Four dungeons, plus one post-game challenge dungeon.

20 badges to adjust your character's playstyle and give them new moves.

20 helper characters to aid you in battle.

A bunch of items to help you out in tight situations.

Lenient combo system: you can cancel into any move as long as it is stronger than your previous one. All moves only require button presses and directional inputs. No quarter-circles needed.

Training Mode and 2 Player Versus Mode.

If you want to learn more about the game's combat, download the battleinstructions.txt file.

The game has been tested on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

XBOX 360 Controllers and PS4 Controllers (recommended) alongside keyboard controls are supported.

Beatdown Dungeon is a creation of Phil Airdash. Further credits can be found inside the game.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter: BeatdownDungeon

If you're interested in covering the game, you can download the presskit.zip for some additional screenshots, promo art and further info.

Beatdown Dungeon

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