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You don't need to break the bank to buy any of these awesome indie dungeon rpg games. Just grab them on steam or itch and start playing!

Demeo: PC Edition

Demeo: PC Edition video game Developed by Resolution Games and published by Resolution Games

Developed by Resolution Games and published by Resolution Games

Adventurers, its time to unite! A dark force has taken over the underworld in the RPG dungeon crawler, Demeo, and its a world youre not likely to survive alone.Demeo is a cross-platform cooperative adventure for up to four players that recreates all of the magic and camaraderie of gathering around a tabletop with friends to do battle against the forces of evil.Assume the role of eagle-eyed hunter, mystical sorcerer, deadly assassin, protective guardian, or melodic bard. But choose your champions wisely in this cooperative adventure, for once players have accepted their quest, they must work together to vanquish the unholy force that corrupts The 5th Earth... or die trying.The 5th Earth is a place of contrast, consisting of eight provinces stretching across mountains, forests, caves and oceans. It holds the beauty of a sunset over a meadow where sherp bunnies and brins feed their younglings, or perhaps a wedding taking place in the village of Torp. At the same time, there is also an ugly side. Maybe a reaver drags you down below in a murky river or a vilther attacking you as you explore the ruins of Castle Hollowmark.One might state that The 5th Earth is an ancient coin with two sides - one light and one dark.Gathering your best friends for a night of casting spells, rolling dice, and moving miniatures are some of your fondest memories -- and now you can have this same experience with players from anywhere in the world! Demeo recreates all the fun of tabletop dungeon crawling in the digital space by connecting players for table talk, treasure hunts, and plenty of turn-based action with infinite replayability.Demeo has an extensive content map planned to ensure adventurers have a steady supply of new stories, settings, and villains to contend with.Its dangerous to go alone! Grab your friends and assemble a party, because plumbing the depths of Demeo requires strategy, cunning, and teamwork. Every character has their own unique approach to managing magic and monsters and theyll need to work together if they want to survive!Take the mantle of the hunter, sorcerer, assassin, guardian, or bard, all with their own unique abilities and skills, and use them wisely if you are ever to stop the darkness that is Rackarn and Alfaragh.Construct a deck from more than 60 unique cards to deal damage, cast spells, and heal your party as you battle your way through the world of Demeo together. Unlock new cards and abilities for your class as you build your hero for conquest and glory!Our story originated inside the Elven Necropolis but that was just a mere overture! Demeo: PC Edition will include every Demeo adventure released to date. Players will traverse the deadly dungeons in The Black Sarcophagus, explore the unforgiving sewers of Sunderhaven in The Realm of the Rat King, and venture into the druid-filled Drych Forest in Demeos latest adventure, Roots of Evil. Expect more new adventures to join the growing world of Demeo soon!Go on an adventure with all your friends, even if theyre questing in VR! Cross-play multiplayer lets you quest alongside players on Meta Quest, Rift, headsets that support Steam VR as well as your fellow champions. Form a party with your friends, no matter how they prefer to play!

Demeo: PC Edition

Demeo: PC Edition video game Developed by Resolution Games and published by Resolution Games video screen

More about this game here.

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I'm no Demon

I'm no Demon video game by bitdroid

Made by bitdroid

I'm no demon is a multiplayer murder mystery type of game for up to 12 players set in a dungeon. Players are secretly assigned toone of two teams: explorers and traitors.

Explorer:explore the dungeon and must either collect gold or find and eliminate all traitors to win.

Traitors:try to kill all explorers. Traitors can only kill other players when transforming into a demon.

To win as a traitor you will need to be stealthy and not let other players know your role. If confronted by others you will need to argue your way out of tricky situations!


WASD: moving

SPACE:enter exit barrels



E:show map

C:show lobby chat

More to come soon!

This is still an early release of InD.If you have questions or feedback, please submit it via our Discord server at not loading?Please try to use Google Chrome to play. If this is not working, please let us know!

Happy hunting!

I'm no Demon

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Bird and Beast Fantasy

Bird and Beast Fantasy video game Developed by 雍乐蜜獾 and published by 雍乐蜜獾

Developed by 雍乐蜜獾 and published by 雍乐蜜獾


This is a pixel art style, action RPG genre indie game. 50 Dungeon Adventure 30 Story 20 Production.

Game Features

Dungeon Adventure: Plan to have different dungeons to explore in each chapter, caves, dungeons, pagodas, waterways and more.

Collection: There will be a large number of different types of props to collect, such as staff, swords, firearms, bows and arrows, hand crossbows and so on.

Plot: The plot is relatively rich, and experience a story with a complete background in the Song Dynasty.

Crafting: The materials collected during the battle can strengthen weapons or forge new weapons.

Salute"The Legend of Sword and Fairy", "Xuanyuan Sword", "The Mountain and Sea Traveler", "The Legend of Jin Yong's Heroes", "Di Renjie".OriginalAs a beginner, many contents of the game are still in their infancy, and many plots, missions, maps, and props have not yet been added. For developers, this is a game that takes 3 years to develop and more events to polish. .And because of this game, I have lost countless hairs and collapsed countless times, and I want to give up every day.After thinking about it for a long time, I think it is possible to release the game in the way of early access, just like an online novel, write chapter by chapter and update some every week.I've finished writing 18 story changes and the detailed script for 4 chapters.The music has just started to be made, and the painting is also practicing the basic skills. I will finish the game as soon as possible. After all is done, I will gradually update and replace the pictures. This process will take about 3 years.Program-independent systems have been completed, and overall integration is still being added.AttentionThere are still many pits to be filled, and the game is still in the demo state.If you accidentally click to buy with trembling hands, pay attention to the refund time.If the refund time is also missed, please don't worry, I will update some new content every month, and I will add new content every week in the early stage.If you encounter bugs or have good suggestions when playing, you can contact me by email Address.I will set up a qq group as soon as possible. scolded in real time.LastI will not give up this game, even if there is only one audience, I will continue to perform like Deyun Club until 3 years later. The game will be updated in 3 years.

Bird and Beast Fantasy

Bird and Beast Fantasy video game Developed by 雍乐蜜獾 and published by 雍乐蜜獾 video screen

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Heroes Of The Dark

Heroes Of The Dark video game Developed by Gameloft and published by Gameloft

Developed by Gameloft and published by Gameloft

Vampire, Werewolf, and Human: In this age of darkness, these three factions wage a bloody war for dominance and survival. Choose the faction that you want to embrace and battle.

Heroes of the Dark (HotD) is an online RPG game set in a grim Victorian world full of lands to explore, mysteries to uncover, and monsters to vanquish and combat. But to do this, you must recruit and train heroes of darkness from each faction. For only one who can master their combined magic and might in 5v5 battle can prevent the darkest of fates from befalling the land of Tenebris to combat.

Customise Your Mansion and Adventure

You will begin your strategy RPG adventure from within a gothic mansion, filled with dark magic waiting to be unlocked. As your power grows, you can expand your mansion to allow more heroes of darkness to unite from the Human, Werewolf and Vampire factions. But you must also upgrade its defences to ward off invaders as you launch campaigns of conquest far and wide, while making your troops survive in combat.

Strategic 5v5 Battle for Survival

It is not enough to simply amass great heroes to your side; you need to combat for survival! HotD offers a deep level of strategy as you form teams for fast-paced 5v5 battle, utilizing dozens of unique Werewolf, Human, and Vampire heroes. Discover synergies between your heroes of darkness and their classes to outwit enemies and unleash unspeakable magic and devastation!

A Living Online RPG Game

The action never stops in HotD! Because this is a real-time online game, your might grows and the world evolves even as you sleep. You can send heroes to explore a dungeon now, and check back later to see what treasures theyve found. And be sure to watch your allies backs to fend off unexpected attacks.

Friends Allies to combat with Heroes

As you forge mighty alliances and strategies with other HotD players, you can wage all-out alliance wars, vanquish your rivals in 5v5 battle, and rise to legendary renown. By working together, you can even claim whole regions, capture magic Crystals, and ultimately assault the Heart of Tenebris, the key to total domination of this RPG online game.

A Tale of Bloody War Forbidden Magic

When the moon shattered, its shards rained upon the world, granting the Werewolves untold strength. So the Vampires fled to Tenebris, bending it to their self-righteous will. But the Humans they rule have forged great technology in hopes of overthrowing their masters, just as the Werewolves have tracked the Vampires to this new landDespite this, all three will need to unite to stop an even greater threat, as an arcane weapon threatens to decimate all of the living and undead in the world.

Heroes Of The Dark

Heroes Of The Dark video game Developed by Gameloft and published by Gameloft video screen

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Dungeon Dreams

Dungeon Dreams video game by Quaky

Made by Quaky


Hello, I'm glad you visited the official page of my very first game Dungeon Dreams. This game was made for final exams 2020. Afterwards I'm planning to continue. I'll add more levels, enemies, features.

If you have any question or suggestion, don't worry towrite me.


Dalimil was going out with princess Isabelle. They went to the Forbidden Forest. Unfortunately, they met a dragon which kidnapped princess. You found the dungeon the dragon brought princess to. Your task is to kill all enemies and find keys to save princess.

source code

More games by Online Vision Gaming: Online Vision

Dungeon Dreams

More about this game here.

Shadow Fate

Shadow Fate video game Developed by HuntingSwan and published by HuntingSwan

Developed by HuntingSwan and published by HuntingSwan

Shadow Fate is an epic JRPG that fuses the best traditional elements of the genre with modern gaming sensibilities.

Its story is rich and complex with deep characterization. Relationships between the members of the main cast evolve and grow throughout the game's approximate playtime of 40 hours.

All enemy encounters are visible on screen - no more random whooshes! Combat is intricate and challenging but immensely fun and satisfying, relying more on intelligent choices than repetitive grinding. The vast open game world is entirely comprised of 'real' maps that achieve unprecedented levels of immersion in the environments.


In the city of Atro, a clandestine organization dedicated to vengeance has recruited a supernatural being known as a 'shadow spawn'. Unburdened by a human soul and composed of pure darkness, his incredible powers make him an unparalleled killer. When the immortal leader of the Vengeance Guild reawakens, she sends the shadow spawn on a mission that will forever change his destiny, and that of the world too.

The story of Shadow Fate will take you from an urban metropolis to snowy tundras to arid deserts and many locales in-between. It will take shocking and dramatic turns as an epic conflict unfolds. Alongside the grand main story, the characters you meet and team up with will become a dysfunctional family, providing smaller, more intimate moments in the plot.

Side quests will further expand on the mythology and backstory in the game.


The turn-based battle system has been designed to be uniquely dynamic and compelling. It eschews button mashing old school rpg grinding in favor of a more challenging and rewarding combat flow.

A major mechanic is the 'EX' feature, more commonly seen in the fighting game genre. Alongside the traditional HP and SP meters, a third EX meter allows characters to 'meter burn' the majority of their skills! For example, a skill that has a small circular area-of-effect can be meter burned to target all onscreen enemies. Or a combo skill can use the character's EX meter to boost its damage by the number of hits in the combo. Which skill to meter burn in which battles will allow deep player strategy and enable different approaches to the challenges of the game.

All battles are side-view and feature custom sprites with awesome animations that ensure that every battle is visually interesting. Turn-based has never been so epic!

Alongside the battles, the player's choice of party (max of 3 characters) will change the way they explore the environments in the game! The 8 characters in the game all have 'exploration skills', ranging from telekinetically floating out of range treasure chests, to charming on screen enemies, to speaking with the dead for hints about the current dungeon. Bringing certain characters along with you will open up new options and provides great replayability of previously visited areas.

Shadow Fate

Shadow Fate video game Developed by HuntingSwan and published by HuntingSwan video screen

More about this game here.

ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs

ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs video game Developed by Righteous Hammer Games and published by Righteous Hammer Games

Developed by Righteous Hammer Games and published by Righteous Hammer Games

On a weird and ridiculously dangerous planet, a tribe of resourceful monsters called Slorfs, have witnessed a terrible omen. Their star god ZOR has wept a tear, blasting the horizon with a haze of despair. Two young Slorfs must embark on a pilgrimage to investigate, in a desperate attempt to regain ZORs favor before all of existence disappears.

Delve through a gauntlet of clearings filled with dangerous beasts and hostile terrain

During the battle, scavenge what you can. Thirst and hunger are stalking you

At camp, use your resources wisely, for they offer many possible choices

A tenuous balance between combat and survival, with shifting and emerging tactics

On each Slorfs turn, use a card from a deck they share to decide their actions

There are 100s of cards with a variety of uses. Harvesting, attacking, movement, building, buffs and more

Cards cost food and water to use, so efficiency and planning is paramount

Use experience to upgrade cards to more powerful versions, and expand your deck through exploration and crafting

Improve and customize your deck with branching upgrades and crafted cards

The combination of card choice, coordinated actions, and dynamic situations, leads to a dizzying array of options each turn

Every action is life or death, from swinging a weapon to picking a turnip

Terrain, traps, enemy threats and auras make positional gameplay paramount

The tactical puzzles that emerge each turn reward mastery over metagaming

Use clever tactics to squeeze the most out of your turn

With procedural areas, strategic crafting choices, and many ways to build your deck from hundreds of cards, no two games will ever be the same!

ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs

ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs video game Developed by Righteous Hammer Games and published by Righteous Hammer Games video screen

More about this game here.

The Institute of Paralogy

The Institute of Paralogy video game by hollow-way

Made by hollow-way

The Institute of Paralogy

The final examination begins with examinees opening their eyes and finding themselves inthe exam hall on the Institutes highest floor.

You will not remember how you got there.

You are advised not to call for help, assomething may hear you.

If you get out alive, you graduate.

The Institute of Paralogy

More about this game here.

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