Phantom Isle Fill "Four Walls" With Notes In Elegant Array

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Phantom Isle fill your ears with forceful melody, maddeningly moving and evocative, in their new tune "Four Walls".

Dream pop dressed up in drama from start to finish... This song will alter your state for sure.

Test the waters.

Your course, uncharted. Departed, soon.

You've poured your heart in.

Odd Nugget Socia-hecho

"The colors around you are wearing thin..."

Phantom Isle face off against silence in "Four Walls," waving notes and nuance as wielded weapons and slaying our senses in the process.

Chords glitch out over an eruption of percussive effervescence as this song opens up. The intro empties into a harmonic cyclone stuffed to bursting with boiling synths and bubbling bass. Lyrics lace thoughts to a net result as poignant as it is pleasing to the air.


Pressure plays a pivotal part in this piece, sharing the spotlight with a sweeping sense of anxiety. Lyrics allude to this and more in "Four Walls," coming at us encrypted in emotional colors throughout.

Anyone who can appreciate a satisfyingly tense rock bop will enjoy this track. Give it a try and see what you think.

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