People Who Could Fly Will Cheer You Right Up With "Tell Me"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Happy Easter everybody! Tune into this super upbeat bop by People Who Could Fly for a smile or two.

"Tell Me" bubbles with ebullience and soars with sonic radiance.

Stutter at the memory.

Mumble out a question. Is this going somewhere?

Put your hand in hers and see.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"I feel so fine when I'm with you."

There's limitless energy in flux in "Tell Me," tipping the scales squarely in favor of felicitous feels.

Like neon lights in a tie dye sky, melodic plucks permeate this song's mix. Verses glisten like fireflies and choruses combust, volcanic. Soft synths sweeten the mix as vocals split sound, sharp and echoing.


Good times for two tinged with the makings of more... "Tell Me" is exultant in the honeyglow of happiness. It's hard not to feel pretty great when its playing.

You don't need to love pop rock or indie to feel the love emanating from this song. In fact, you only need to touch the play button below.

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