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:?.::::::.+: :&+?&&&???&: ?::+::::::+ :&++????++&: +&+?&&&???&.
++::::::::+: ?&??&&&???&. +?+:::::::++ ?&????????&. ?&??&&&&&&&.
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:+:+++:++++?+ :??&%%?%%%%%: .++:++::+++++ :?+?&&??&&&&+ +&?&%%?&&%%&:
++::::::::+: ???&&?&&&??. :?::::::+:++ +????+????&. ?&&&&?&&&&&
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+:+++:++::?: ??&&&?????&: :+++++++++++ ?+?&????+?&: .??&&&??&?&&:
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Gummy bear tales that take you to places as weird as the ones below do are nigh on impossible not to look at. Go on - you know you want to...

What happened to auntie Rita?

I posted before because of my oldest. It's obvious to me now that children really are open to "something".

Now, my youngest. 2yrs old. Just starts speaking. Dutch and English. Not weird, my husband is from another country. We speak Dutch, but English sometimes just happens.

I have one aunt. The sweetest. All children love her. And she loves them. It's auntie Rita.

Since birth, whenever my youngest sees her he starts panicking. Screaming. He does that with the Gummi Bear song aswell btw, but that aside. No matter whenever, drama is around the corner when he sees her.

Somewhere in 1960 my mother, uncle and auntie Rita escaped their burning house. Everything burnt down.

Back to now. I just was at my mom's. Auntie Rita was their too. Drama again. My aunt is not religious. But, she said, I start believing in paranormal things, because this is strange. Drama, drama, drama. So auntie Rita left to make my son comfortable.

She said Bye kiddo I wondered what happened to us.

My son said.. superhappy Bye auntie Rita (in dutch) and when she's around the corner he said:

Auntie Rita is always on (in english) fire!

What the...

Wonder what happened in their lives before, or even this life. Weird....

Posted on Reddit by Polychromoa.

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I guess I do need better sleep, so ... thanks, glitch?

On the way to work this morning, I was thinking about how poorly I slept last night and contemplating buying some sort of sleep-aid supplement. I remembered seeing some gummy-bear-looking ones at the drug store when I last bought my kids their Flintstones vitamins.

I did not Google this type of product, ask Siri about it, or shop online for it. In fact, I forgot all about it as the day wore on.

Then when I was taking a break and looking at this very sub, what did I see an ad for? Ollys Restful Sleep gummies, a dietary supplement that purports to promote a healthy sleep cycle.

Im astounded. I do not recall ever seeing this product advertised online before. I only noticed them once, in person, at the drug store a few months ago.

Posted on Reddit by LowOvergrowth.

As the hot air ballon rose up into the sky for our three hour tour my stomach turned with butterflies from excitement.

Unfortunately 5 minutes later I realized it was the bag of sugar free gummy bears I had eaten and not excitement.

Posted on Reddit by Saturnswirl666.

Conversation with weird woman.

So, I dont really know which sub reddit this should be under. But I had a customer come in to work today and no lie. This lady comes up to the counter with nothing in her hands, looks me in the eye and goes. The tomato soup is cold. And I say. What?? And she just leaves. And on her way out the door. Looks at me again and says youve been compromised. Take a different route home. Id gotten a death threat earlier that day for telling someone that I was not going to a back the blue protest. Only because I know its going to be violent because of the route it was planned out on. Back to the main topic. I was getting frustrated by other customers in the store and whoop two packages of gummy bears, shoved all the way at the back of the shelf, go flying on to the floor after Id glanced at them. So my question, fellow redditors. What does the tomato soup is cold mean. And have I been compromised?

Posted on Reddit by itzzX.

Weird stuff has happened to me, more than once

Im from Mexico, the center of the country, and around here people say that weird stuff only happens to people that open the door for those stuff. I guess I opened lots of em, cause Ive seen some $#!#. Ill be dividing the stuff ive seen on diferent post, to keep the idea on each of em.

This is the earliest one I remember, Chaneques (Little People).

My mother and father are religious persons since I remeber, but my grandmother wasnt, she used to tell me stories about the Chaneques, this little people that liked to play pranks on the kids and animals, as they were the more defensless. She used to tell that if my stuff started to appear on diferent places, or broken, or I just couldnt find my stuff on the morning it was probably them. She adviced me to leave candys on my drawers as a peace offering, and that I should never try to mess with them, cause they would get even nastier.

It started when I was 10, my socks started to dissapear, my toys would be hidden under my drawers or even in the wc somethimes, I tried to tell my parents but they obiously just told me that it was probably me forgetting them when I was half sleep or stuff like that. So I decided to take my grandmas advice, I started leaving open candys on my drawers which would dissapear each one or two days by night, I grew used to this rutine, of paying this little devils so they wouldnt mess with me, it worked an me and those things stayed on this relationship for a while.

Eveything was well until the day I went on a field trip, I was away around one week with some people of my family, I had a tortoise pet, her fish tank was on my room, I asked my cousin to come every day to give her food, as he did. But the day we came back first thing my cousin told me was that the last day that he came to give food to my pet, she was floating backwards on the tank. I inmediatly ran upstairs to find her still there floating in the water, but I saw something that I would never forget, she had little scrach marks on her face, and her eyes were not there...

Inmediatly I knew what had happened, those demons killed her. I burried her on my backyard, and never speaked of it again, I would leave a candy everyday on my drawer, wich would disappear the next day, I would keep doing it for around one year, until we moved to another city, for work reasons.

I would leave candys on my new room for some time, but they would be there next day for a couple of days, so I understood that they were not following me. I forgot about it till the point I thought it had never happened.

Just this year I came back to my mother town, and thought that everything was going perfectly, until yesterday.

I came back wasted from drinking and fell sleep eating a pack of gummy bears, when I woke up this morning the pack was empty and my hand and arms were full of little scratch marks.

I guess they wanted more...

Posted on Reddit by Pato_de_Hule.

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