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Your kitchen floor is probably cleaner than any variety of farm, or the ocean, yet we consider food that briefly touches the ground to be contaminated..

With that in mind...

Farm stories and novels like the ones in this article are weird. Very weird. But, you'll probably enjoy reading them...

The amazing Farmboy smex

It has always been a dream for young farming lads to experience the pleasure of sex.

As for Peewee, He is about tah git sum luv in the cuntrey.

The amazing Farmboy smex on Wattpad

A few ghost stories from my family

Hi there,

So I promised this a few weeks ago when I wrote about my uni flat. I have a story of potential hauntings from my Mum, Dad and Brother. They're all kind of interesting, however, I wasn't present for any of these events, so can not confirm their validity or if they've been exaggerated (they get pretty wild), however, they're interesting nonetheless so I'll give it a go.

So first off, my Mum's story:

So this occured before I was born, when my brother was about 7 years old (although he's not really involved in the story). My Mum lived in a different town than where I grew up. She had a friend called Pat, I believe, who had a husband called Billy. She had known them for years as she used to work with Pat, and when they were looking for a new house, she advised the one next to her which was up for rent at the time. It was an attached house with my Mum, Dad and brother on one side and Pat and her husband on the other.

Apparently, within the first few weeks of living there, Billy became incredibly irritable, losing his temper over the most minor of things, and after several months became physically violent. It got to a point, where Pat had a secret knock she used on the wall (as the 2 rooms were literally through the wall from each other) to signify that Billy was hurting her and for my Mum or Dad to come around straight away, which would instantly calm Billy down and make Pat feel more secure.

While all this was going on, Pat also mentioned that whenever her and Billy went out for the day, they would come home to a completely ransacked house. With the furniture tipped over and the cupboard doors open (and sometimes ripped off). The house was also incredibly cold all the time.

One night, my Mum heard lots of crashing, seemingly coming from next door, the dog was barking and she heard the TV turn up incredibly loud (which she believed was Billy turning the TV up to tune out the arguing). She said after the TV had turned off she heard the familiar knock against her bedroom wall, and claimed she could hear extremely loud female crying through the wall. She said the knocking became more frantic and the crying got louder, and my Mum believed that Pat was in serious trouble, so immediately ran out of the house and to next door, where she found the front door of Pat and Billy's house open. The dog was barking in the living room where the door was closed, my Mum shouted their names but got no answer, and heard no sound. It was as if the house was empty. She had a quick look around and saw Pat and Billy driving up the driveway. My Mum freaked out and ran over to say she heard someone in their house to which Billy ran in and started looking around. Pat started freaking out, claiming there was a demon on the staircase, but neither my Mum nor Billy could see anything. Billy apparently started walking up the stairs, but only got a few steps up before falling backwards and down the stairs. He claimed he was pushed and they all freaked out and left the house.

Allegedly, they mustered the courage to go back in and found the house completely ransacked as usual. They moved in with Pat's mum the next day after packing and started looking for somewhere else to live. My Mum claims that shortly after they left, and while the house was still empty, things would get thrown from the windows at her when she was going to her car. My Mum also moved out shortly after. Apparently after Pat and Billy left that house, Billy went back to the gentle giant he was before moving in, and the physical and verbal abuse ceased almost instantaneously. According to Pat at least. Heard the story from all 3 of them, and it stays the same, so inclined to believe it.

Story 2 (My Dad):

My Dad used to work in a coal mine as a health and safety inspector. One day him and a feller called Gordy were sent to check if any gases or something had leaked in a specific part of the mine, which was rarely ever used. They checked it out, it was an all clear, and they started heading back. The miners, apparently, used to take any opportunity they could if they were out of the way of other miners to have a quick nap. So my Dad and Gordy did that. My Dad said he woke up to feel someone poking him. He turned to Gordy and told him to stop, but Gordy was understandably confused. They went back to sleep but the same thing happened again, although this time when my Dad woke Gordy up, Gordy started panicking as another light was coming down the tunnel toward them. They couldn't see the people, given how dark it was, just the helmet lights, however, they thought it was a supervisor coming to check on them, and they worried they had overslept. My Dad said he used one of the phones along the line to ask who had been sent down to check on them, and that they were coming back now. The manager claimed that nobody else should be in that section of the mine, and that they need to tell them to head back to where they should be. My Dad and Gordy started shouting to the person, but apparently the light just started moving toward them at a rapid rate. Apparently a figure zoomed between them, they couldn't make it out, but it was incredibly fast and the light seemed to be from what looked like a helmet. My Dad and Gordy apparently spun around to see this figure dissapearing down the mine shaft into the darkness. They understandably did a runner back to the supervisors and got ribbed for it. But my Dad swears to this day that he saw something down in that mine shaft.

Story 3: My Brother

The last story now, and probably the shortest. When I was a kid I had a friend called Lewis, he was a family friend, and my Dad was good friends with his Dad. He ended up moving to a new house, off-shoot from a farm. The guy who owned the farmhouse also had a huge barn. He was moving to Spain and had just filled the barn with a ton of junk that he no longer wanted, and it was absolutely filled to the brim in there. He told my friend's family that they could help themselves to whatever was in the barn. I was about 11-12 and my Brother was about 21-22. Me and Lewis had a root around and I remember finding a Ouija board, which as a Kid I thought nothing of. Just picked it up, looked at it, had heard about them but just tossed it to the side. My main interest in that barn was the Commando figures, and the zoo magazines (for anyone unfamiliar, they were an old porn magazine in the UK before it became easily accessible on the internet). My Brother, however, would not go in that barn after his first experience in there. He went in once with Lewis. There were 2 floors. Him and Lewis on the top floor, and Lewis' dad and my Dad and me on the bottom floor. Those 2 were upstairs, when apparently a remote controlled car drove along the floor between the 2 of them. My brother laughed and picked it up and freaked out because it had no batteries in it. Him and Lewis came down explaining what had happened but the Dad's just kind of laughed at them. It freaked me out though. After that, my Brother would not go in that barn. However, 2 or 3 visits later, he claimed he saw a face on the top floor of the barn at the window, staring down at him while he was in the garden, but the rest of us didn't see it.

Those are all my stories, hope you enjoyed them. I'm all out of scary stories now, but thanks for taking the time to read, I'm sorry these were so long.

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honestly one has to just be content with it

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I think my grandma or grandpa came to check how the cakes turned out and my camera's AI feature caught them for a moment.

This happened a few minutes ago. I had just taken out of the oven my freshly baked vanilla and cinnamon raisins cakes and wanted to snap a photo of them to send my best friend and my aunt.

My camera had the AI option activated because I forgot to disable it after my outing on Friday night. So, as I turn my camera towards the kitchen table the AI sign showed one second the food sign since I snapped a picture of the cakes and the next when facing the kitchen table and kitchen door it showed the person sign.

The person sign appears when the AI features detects a person's presence the thing is that I was alone. My parents are and were napping and my sister is in her room studying. My aunt is working at her boyfriend's family farm trying to finish before sundown and the rain comes.

The house is my mum's and aunt's childhood home and my grandma lived in it since 1983 up to 2017 where she died in her sleep in her room aka my parents' current bedroom. All of us have experienced something that might be considered as a presence either by feeling a hand on our backs, shoulders or heads as I gave mentioned before in other posts.

But never on a camera or radio... although my computer at times opens by itself in the middle of the night or day when it's in sleep mode but I don't think that has to do anything with a ghost.

I found it odd, didn't feel a presence and the person sign remained for a moment when I placed the camera in the same spot again a second after I realized what had happened it showed nothing. If there's a ghost after all I think it's either my grandma or my grandpa or both of them keeping an eye on us. Maybe theyshehe wanted to see how the cakes turned out!

Thought to share because it's nothing spooky it's something wholesome in my mind and maybe it cheers someone up.

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I visited a Costco that doesn't exist

3 years ago, a few days after Christmas, I was hanging out at my parents house watching national lampoon's Christmas vacation (as one does) and my mom turned to me and said "hey my name we're going to Costco to exchange this potspans set someone gave us, this one's broken" so I was like "oh cool I've never been to a Costco before" so we all got in the car and drove about 10 minutes away to a town I've been to a million times. This town is literally down the road from my hometown and I had been delivering pizzas in the area for years so I knew it like the back of my hand. We turned down a road near my doctor's office and I remember thinking to myself 'huh, I've been here a million times and I've never seen a Costco here' but just figured I hadn't driven down that specific road in a while and just didn't noticeforgot.

So we go in and exchange the stuff and go home. Totally normal, nothing out of the ordinary. The next day we all go to my aunt's house for a Christmas visit and for whatever reason at dinner I was talking about how convenient Costco was and that they had such cool stuff and whatever. To this day, when I drive past that road we took to get there I always think to myself "I gotta remember to get a Costco membership, they had cool stuff there" but being a procrastinator I never have gotten around to it.

Fast forward to 4 hours ago. I'm sitting at dinner with my parents, my brother Ian and his fiancee Jenna. My brother is talking about the apartment he and Jenna are about to move into (approx 30 miles away, so nowhere near our hometown, this is important later) and he says "and the best part is that there's a Costco down the road so we can get all our groceries in bulk" I say "oh cool! I've been thinking about getting a Costco membership for the same reason". My mom gives me a funny look and says "why bother, you'd have to drive all the way to Ian's apartment and back for groceries". Confused, I said "why? I would just go to the one in xyz town, that's like 10 mins away". Everyone looked at me funny and said "uh there's no Costco in that town, the closest one to us is the one Ian's talking about" so I remind them all of that one time after Christmas we all went to exchange pots and pans there and my mom tells me that A. She's never had pots and pans from Costco, B. There is no Costco in the town I was talking about, and C. That she doesn't remember us doing anything of the sort that year. I then think back to my aunt's house where I was talking to everyone about Costco and how I wanted to get a membership and no one had thought anything weird about it. I said "guys it's literally on that road dr.whatever's office is on, down the road from there and to the left" and my dad said "that's an abandoned strip mall back there, there hasn't been a store there since we moved up here in '96"

I was so so SO sure of myself that I said "are you guys ready to be more wrong than you've ever been in your entire lives?" And pulled out my phone. I googled "Costco near me" and sure enough, the closest one is the one ian was talking about. Then I googled "Costco in xyz town" and no results. We debated about this back and forth for a while. My mom said "maybe we went to a Sam's club or a BJs that day? Those used to be around here" but I know where they both arewere in town and I'm absolutely certain it wasn't either of those.

I have absolutely no idea what that's all about and I am 100 certain I didn't dream it. My dreams are never very realistic, are usually nightmares, and are very fleeting due to my medication so I never really remember them. If anything I'm just upset now that there is no Costco by my house and that I can't shop there.

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