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Gotham has an unusually high number of abandoned amusement parks and circuses.

But, imagine, if you will...

The best of the bizarre... The circus stories that follow are definitely not the norm!

Flashbacks of Lucas's life

From my "Town of Richardson" stories.

The flashbacks of Lucas Ladoucuer's life...

Flashbacks of Lucas's life on Wattpad

Mommy and Daddy took me to The circus for the first time last year.

I hope they come and get me soon, the tightrope hurts my feet.

Posted on Reddit by Sprry_Typo.

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[OCT21] When we got reports of a large, striped predator, we thought a tiger had gotten loose at the carnival.

Then we arrived and saw the 'circus tent' messily chewing everything inside it.

Posted on Reddit by flanneur.

Circus of horrors

At the circus of horrors,restless souls lie.What happens when they meet a strange living woman,who just appears at the circus one day?

Circus of horrors on Wattpad

Locking eyes with the far away clown at the circus, I felt something inexplicably strange.

When I blinked, I was on the other side of the fairground, watching my own face smirk evilly at me from a distance, and disappearing into the crowd.

Posted on Reddit by adam__nicholas.

The reluctant ringmaster set free all of his own circus animals.

The revolution had acquired more units.

Posted on Reddit by ViperTheKillerCobra.


The circus was called Playhouse.

Every day they would travel to the next town, performing for one night only.

There were two headed lions and a man who couldn't die.

Deformed children who ate cold flesh and a teenage girl who had ram horns, longing for people to reach their bony fingers inside the cage so she could bite them off.

Twin boys who could grow flowers in mere seconds.

One of the main attractions was the girl who could eat fire.

Her name was Bernadette.

She was a beautiful, normal girl, or so everyone had thought.

She wore an eyepatch on her right eye, covering the bright turquoise pigment that labeled her as inhuman.

She held a torch in one hand, bringing it closer to her face before licking the side of it slowly, flames still burning from the ashes on her tongue.

The children watched in awe and the parents pulled them away quickly, attempting to avoid Bernadette.

Playhouse on Wattpad

The only bridge out of town was down the night the Rumble Sisters Circus tried to arrive.

That saved our little town because that was the night the Rumble Sisters Circus visited damn near every city, town, village, house, bedroom and closet on the planet.

Posted on Reddit by Lots42.

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