Parts Show Us the Dark Dimensions of "False Dreams"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Brisk jazz shaken with bracing thoughts... Parts' new song "False Dreams" is a true stunner.

You can just make out the mood amidst the enlivened sounds this song puts forth - a sincere juxtaposition between the movement of the inner and the empty whistle of the outer.

No time to follow...

Minutes stretched on string pulled taught...

Just use what you've got.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"I might as well give in to my own anxieties..."

Parts spring into action in this moving tune, taking us along on a ride to a surprising destination.

A busy beat trips and sprints as this song starts up, colliding perfectly against light, airy, rhythmic riffs. Percussion falls into a tumble under a jazzy rush of tones as vocals cast spells atop the mix.


A dark sense of acceptance lingers on each line in this tune. "False Dreams" frets at the isolation inherent in life's darker experiences, curbing the quiet of desperation with the noise of a wandering internal dialogue.

For a succinct dose of soothing excitement, this song will serve you well. For a bit of poignancy to boot, you've nothing to lose in pressing play. Press on.

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