Paris Street Rebels Rush Us Off to the "Freakshow"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Paris Street Rebels' "Freakshow" is respite in the guise of a riot.

Retro punk rock with a pinch of modern meaning for good measure... It's libertine listening for society's anomalies.

A terrible noise...

A clamor... A ruckus... A shriek in the night... You're alive. You're alright.

Runaway by choice.


"Please, won't you take me someplace real?"

"Freakshow" pushes well past punk and into rock's realm. There's a touch of Billy Talent, a bit of Billy Idol, a bunch of chords and massive melody in the hook to hook you good.

Voices erupt over harmonized guitar strings, outpouring. Drums jump and backstep under a weighty wall of sound. All this as individual licks on lead guitar vault above the fold in full color.


Strings scrape at the verses, barely restrained, then explode in fuzzy chroma come each chorus. Ardent desire to fit in in a world of misfits makes "Freakshow" surprisingly poignant atop its power-packed rockin' punch.

For the outliers among us "Freakshow" feels a lot like home. Energy, unfettered, and depth of meaning, un-muddled. Make time for this track and head off for the freakshow.

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