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Han Solo was essentially an armed truck driver willing to do jobs off the books who became an insurgent, then was murdered by his own son.

But, did you know...

The crazy truck driver stories in this roundup might make you wonder...

We decided to not replace the old traffic lights assuming people would use commonsense, and we were right!

The cars would always stop outside the school to let them cross, and the truck drivers knew their tiny frames wouldn't make a dent.

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Something Mimicked My Youngests Voice

Long post warning!

I live with my husband and our four kids. The youngest is 6 and my oldest is about to turn 11 and all but the second youngest are girls. The way our house is set up, all the kids bedrooms and their bathroom are upstairs set up in a sort of semi circle with the two youngest sharing a room on the very left next to the stairs and the bathroom on the very right next to the stairs and the other two room entrances across the small landing. Right next to the lower landing down the stairs is the entrance to the hallway that leads to my bedroom and bathroom on the first floor. Every night, I go clockwise room to room tucking my kids in and, after Ive said good night to the last one, I start down the stairs and say one more time to all of them, Good night, I love you all, sweet dreams! and they say it back to me and then I tell them to be quiet and go to sleep. The night this happened, my son was at work with my husband (hes a truck driver) because they had a week off school just before all of the social distancing started so my youngest was in their room by herself.

I tucked her in and then her sisters and was making my way downstairs and said what I usually do and I only heard the two oldest answer sort of quietly. So, I playfully yelled it this time to get them to answer louder and I didnt hear the other two but I heard my youngest clear as a bell from her dark bedroom (she sleeps in a lower bunk where the foot faces the door and has drawers in it so I had no view of her) yelling it loudly back to me. I shrug a bit and think, close enough, and make my way downstairs and immediately turn to go down the hallway to use my bathroom. My bathroom door is closed which I thought was odd since its always left open unless someone is in there, and I put my hand on it to open it just as I hear my toilet flush. I about $#!# myself because there should NOT be anyone else in my house right now and I walk in to see my youngest pulling her pajamas back up. My heart is still pounding at this point and Im extremely confused because I literally JUST heard her in her bedroom. But, trying not to jump to any conclusions and stay calm-ish, I figure maybe my middle daughter is the one that I heard. So, I yell up the stairs, Good night, I love you, sweet dreams! And my youngest, who followed me to the bottom of the stairs yells it back from right beside me lol. I dont hear any response from upstairs. I yell up asking my middle if shes the one who yelled it back to me the second time I said it and she said no. Im getting creeped out because my youngest had obviously come downstairs after I tucked her in so it couldnt have been her who I heard.

I go upstairs, position myself so that I could see both my older girls and start drilling them asking which one of them answered me the second time. They both insisted neither of them had because theyd answered the first time. I asked my youngest if shed answered me the second time wondering if maybe I just heard her voice from the wrong place somehow and she said she had only answered the one time when I yelled from downstairs and she was next to me. So, I asked the older two if theyd heard what sounded like their little sister answer me that second time and they both said yes, they heard it, so I told them to get their bed stuff because were camping downstairs in the living room together.

I got them all set up and was on the phone with my husband, freaking out and telling him what happened and I walk upstairs to take a look around and the cat follows me. She walks directly into that still dark room, looks over at their closet door (theres a history of creepy things happening with the closet in that room since we moved in), looks at the bed where my youngest sleeps, and then walks to the closet door and starts scratching on it. Shes never done this before. Ever. The only time Ive ever witnessed her scratching on a door is if someone doesnt realize shes in a room and shuts her inside and she finally feels like leaving but cant. Shes never scratched to get IN anywhere.

So thats one of my strongest experiences with the paranormal and definitely my most recent. I cleansed and everything and nothing creepy has happened since, the kids all sleep in their own beds still though sometimes wanting to keep the light on.

Posted on Reddit by Hedgewitch31.

I grew up in a haunted house.

It was a pretty old house. It still had horse hair insulation, that velvet damask wallpaper, dirt floor basement, crystal door knobs, cubby holes that you could crawl from one room to another and a really nice clawfoot tub along with an awesome woodstove. It was big enough that it had a front and back staircase. The front staircase was really ornate but the back staircase was basicly just plywood.

Ok so now that you have a visual, on with my famly's expierinces. When I was very young I became more aware of the noises and actions and my parents would tell me it was all in my head. The older I got I began to doubt that.

Starting with the everyday and night experiences there were footsteps up and down every night, mostly heard on the creaky back stair case. Low knocks on the walls, taps on the windows, items moved or crashed on the floor and the scariest was gentle scratching noises under my bed and feeling someone sit on my bed. I began wrapping my blankets over my head and blocking my ears with my fingers.

Around 10 it became more intense. Doors opening and closing with enough force that it was definately not a draft. The silverware draw was completely pulled out and smashed to the floor when everyone was in the living room. Feeling not so much a tug on my hair but feeling like someone was lifting up strands.

At this point my little brother(6yo) me (10yo) had been sharing a bedroom. All the rooms were huge. My Dad built me my own bedroom that was previously attic space but on the same floor. It was huge and was more like a living room with a bedroom around the corner. Every couple of days I would be in bed and hear my door creak open, someone walk over to my bed and sit down. It was terrifying. I still used my go to blankets over my head and fingers in my ears. The knocking on the walls started to become more louder and fast. The scratching under my bed seemed to be a bit more violent. My parents still dismissed our fears.

When I was around 11 or 12, it became even more intense. I had to babysit my little brother almost everday during the week. This was back in the day when tvs has knobs to change the channels. we would be in the living room watching tv and the knobs would visually turn channels. Sometimes only a few channels over and other times fast thru a bunch of channels. Like my parents, I downplayed it to my little brother and just took him outside to play pickle or kick the can with the neighborhood kids. They had already told me the rumors about the house and would hardly ever come over. The most notable expierence was walking down the back stairs. A strand of my hair was tugged hard and I heard distinct breathing in my ear. I grabbed my brother and went across the street and waited in the pouring rain for my parents to get home. Ironicly where we waited was an entrance to an old cemetery, but I don't believe it was related to the haunting.

The older I got the more aggressive it got. Tv knobs still being turned, curtains moving, steps up the stairs turned to stomps. The weirdest to me was the phone cord. It was one of those extremely long cords. The whole family was in the kitchen and it started spinning. Not like a regular spin but diagonally like a lasso about 5 feet off the wall. My parents downplayed that too. But by then it didn't matter. I started to become desensitized.

Going into fifth or sixth grade I acquired a best friend. She would come over and it turned out we were both really into the supernatural. Watcher (?) in the Woods with Betty Davis was our favorite movie. Anyways, I ended up telling her about the house and we came up with a brilliant plan to buy one of those hasbro Ouija boards. Candles lit and everything. Never even thinking it would work and I don't remember if it actually did but one dumb day while babysitting I had my innocent little brother play with me. The board immediately worked. My brother was freaked out but my dumb @$# kept going. I don't remember the exact questions but one of the answers was "kill John" my little brother. My addiction with all things horror (movies,books) led me to believe I had to burn the board. I took it out to the side yard and tried to burn it but it just scorched a little bit. My father asked why there was a pile of burnt leaves and sticks. I told him why and he got really serious. He dug the board out of the sticks and leaves and tried to burn it himself in the wood stove. It still just scorched but more charcoal like. He just thru it in the trash after that.

Sorry, I know this is insanely long but I really enjoy remembering.

After that, things didn't get so much worse, but different. I had a huge double closet filled with metal hangers. The sound of them clanking agajnst each other, like a hand was sweeping over them became the new scare. I reverted to my usual fingers in my ears, blankets over my head.

But then I started to get pissed. I was so sick of being scared. I started yelling at whatever it was to leave us alone whenever it happened. And yelling that I wasn't scared anymore. And telling it to #$@$ off ( I still cuss like a truck driver). I had a game most people wont remember called boggle. It was a cube of letters you shook up and then tried to find as many words as possible. One day I sat it in my little living room and arranged the letters to say "#$@$ you" before bed. I woke up to the words being scrambled to say "hump". Gross. I know.

Everything ramped up. Louder knocks. heavier sitting on my bed, and more fequent visits into my room. By then I didn't give a #$@$ for real. I know it sounds weird but I started calling out before I went to bed to wake me up at a certain time and it actually did with more gentle knocks by my bed. When something visual happened I would say cut it out. It didn't really listen that much, but sometimes it did.

So end of that expierence. By the time I started fighting back we moved. A few years later my parents admitted it was haunted and described some of their expierences too.

I am still drawn to that house and am dying to walk thru it again to see if it remembers me. Weird I know. I have researched the history of owners or events related to that house forever. The rumor was that an older women died there and had an Irish (?) wake and funeral. It was held in the house and lasted 7 days. I have desperatley searched for the previous owners names but found nothing. One notable thing is that the house has changed hands quite a few times since then. A few months ago I brought it up to my Mom. She told me the previous owners were a woman and her son that was a well known Judge. Their last name was Moriarty. Also told me how the day after the house was sold the womens daughter ripped the kitchen phone off the wall and screamed at my mother that now we couldn't use it to make long distance calls.

It didn't take long to find info on the son (nothing on the mother). He was a well known judge.

This is the most #$@$ed up thing I learned from his obituary. He took a sabbatical to travel the world to visit sites that people claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary. Why that is important is, out of everything that happened, seeing the image (classic depiction) of the Virgin Mary in my little brothers bedroom window was the most predominant memory. I wasn't scared, but more curious and then it faded. What are the chances? Also to note I am agnostic but for some reason I have always felt a deep connection with her (representation) and when I feel I need someone to guide me I recite the Hail Mary.

Thanks for the few that probably read this. Like I said, it is more for therapeutic reasons.

I have more stories that have happened throughout my life, including stupidly using a home made Ouija when I was about 1516. It pretended to be a little boy, gave death details and location in New Hampshire but it became more obvious we wern't communicating with a child.

At present time, I have been seeing moving shadows out of the corner of my eyes and every once in a while I see orbs.

It is what it is. I still am dying to go take a tour of that house though.

Posted on Reddit by JuneBug1415.

My sighting story

Let me start by saying I live in the panhandle in Florida. It was Easter Sunday, around 1999, about 5 p.m so still daylight outside, and i was about 8 years old. I had went to my grandmother's house, next door to my house, and had been taking a nap that afternoon. I woke up, and decided to go home, but when I walked outside I saw my uncle standing out in the middle of the yard staring at the sky.

I asked him what is it, and without saying a word he pointed to the sky above my grandmother's backyard. Back there was a field and a CB radio tower. (My grandparents are truck drivers)

So, i turned and looked to see what he was looking at, and there about 500 ft above the CB tower was an object floating in the sky.

It wasn't a traditional saucer shape, it was a cylinder, it looked like it had an armature hanging from the bottom, and it had some sort of spherical shape in the center that nearly seemed to be projecting characters on it. From the distance I couldn't discern what it was, i looked at in disbelief for about 5 seconds and looked to my uncle for an explanation, then i looked back and it was completely gone.

I don't remember saying much to my uncle, but i remember feeling a very heavy sense of dread and I sprinted home as fast as I could thinking "we are not alone." I was so scared I kind of put it out of my mind and have always been afraid to really talk about it. The older I got the more it felt like "did I just dream that?"

A few weeks ago I was back home, i am 29 now, and I saw my uncle, we got to talking about how crazy this year has been, and it was around the time the "off planet vehicles" had been mentioned in the news

So, i asked my uncle if he remembered that day, because i felt like it might have been a dream, he said "yeah, i remember that, we was standing right out here in the yard." Then he pointed to where we saw it at. Chills.

There is more out there than what we know or can explain i feel my dreams have tied me to this event too in my life, but that's a different story. Thanks for reading! I have also seen strange lights in the sky here at night recently, if you live in Florida let me know if you've had any similar experiences!

Posted on Reddit by Money-Selection130.

My Great Grandmother's stories

My great grandmother used to tell us that when she was younger, she lived with her brother called Felix who used to work as a truck driver. One Friday, Felix went out early in the morning on another of his road trips, and was expected to return on Sunday, but on Saturday, my great grandma heard someone knocking on the door, when she opened it was Felix, who seemed very rushed, my great grandma was confused since he was expected until Sunday and he had his own keys. He told her that she shouldn't worry, and that he just came home quickly to see her again, since he had to leave again for another trip. They had a normal conversation until he said he had to leave and walked away. The next day, a good friend of the family and Felix's partner came about to tell her Felix died on an accident the day before. My great grandma was very trouble because she had just seen him the night before. She used us that story with a lot of nostalgia but her eyes would show a lot of peace because he came back to say goodbye.

On another occasion she told us that a dead man had crawled on top of her at night, which is like the Mexican expression to sleep paralysis (se te subio el muerto). The thing is, she would always recommend us to be careful around cementeries because sometimes a spirit could get stuck to you and that's when that happens.

She was a wonderful woman, the happiest person I've ever known, and we all loved her a lot. Weeks after she died, sometimes her perfume would smell without reason around her house, but I don't find that as a scary thing.

Posted on Reddit by iguess-imbored.

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