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If school uniforms really were as positive as advocates suggest, then teachers ought to want to wear them too.

With that having been said...

The best of the bizarre... The school stories that follow are definitely not the norm!

Mystic High

Oriane Moore, the new addition to the Diana Mist College, recently discovered that she is a witch.

Or more specifically, a so-called 'elemental'.

It's changed her life completely.

Aside from the usual hocus pocus, hexes, and talking pets, Oriane, like her fellow classmates, is supposed to have control over at least one of the affinities: Fire.





It's bad enough being the new girl in town, but to make things worse, she hasn't discovered her affinity yet.

Which makes her...

pretty much human in a school full of the supernatural.

While she tries to come to terms with her new identity, an imminent threat lurks in the corners of the serenely composed school.

Life is tough at 'Mystic High'! Highest Ranking: 7 on Paranormal 'Hot' List Contains: Implied Student-Teacher Romance, Implied Violence Ivana Keynes.

All rights reserved.

January 2015.

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When I was ten, my mother pulled me out of school and devoted herself to teaching me survivalist, mechanical, and medical skills.

By the time the war destroyed most of civilisation, she was already long dead, so I never found out how she knew.

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We were filled with joy when our daughter steped on the school bus for the first time as she was also the first one to do so.

However our joy immediately turned into fear when we saw another school bus coming to our drive way as our daughter left.

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Ace of Minds

You'd think being a Hollywood star's daughter is all about fame, beauty, and riches? Think again.

Minus the occasional "You're Amanda Clarington's daughter, right?" question, Irene had been leading a very, very normal and not-so-exciting life.

Well, she had.

Until her sixteenth birthday.

School on a secret island, talking goblins, people with 'talents'; sounds normal, right? -- Highest rank: 7 in Paranormal

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As a school janitor I try hard to convince myself nights are not that bad.

And then I find the occasional bullied kid hanging out in the bathroom.

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I wished that Europe descends into war so I don't have to go to school.

Now as the radio tells us to lay down our arms as our Nation has capitulated, I wish I hadn't.

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Typhoon Tempest

Lily Morgan knew she was different, but that had nothing to do with her supernatural abilities.

In a world of abnormal creatures she was an outcast.

With no idea what species she is, Lily keeps her head down throughout school; juggling boring and unusual subjects and research in the library for the lost records of the supernatural.

Until a rainy day when her creature unleashes - the calm before a brutal war of a storm.

Wolves catch her scent.

Vampires crave her blood.

Witches curl their magic in fear.

Fairies tremble on fractured wings.

For Lily Morgan, school was the least of her worries.

Typhoon is part one - completed at 110,000 - 120,000 words Tempest is part two - completed at 100,000 - 110,000 words Typhoon: Watty Awards 2019 Contender (c) Elizabeth H.


Typhoon Tempest on Wattpad

I watched someone get possessed when I was in middle school

Kind of a long and choppy story but bare with Me.

Went to middle school (or junior high w.e.) in a smaller towncommunity. There honestly was absolutely nothing to do besides go to the mini mall or to the community rec center where they would hold these teen dances and play horrible early 2000s music.

Ended up going to one of these teen dances per usual with a group of friends, and per usual said group of friends got Into it with the "preps" or jock kids.

Fight breaks out, police are called. Everyone scatters. Me and this kid who I'll just call Nate end up walking back to his house on this bike path that runs along the backside of this rec center. It's night time and there is a skatepark to one side of us for awhile and then nature trails and a river on the other side. We keep walking along this path and suddenly Nate stops and says " do you see that? " pointing into the pitch blackness as he faced the direction of the nature trailsriver.

Now this kid was admittedly at times not always too nice to me, and I thought he was just messing with me at first , I say "see what? There's nothing there" but at this point this fool is walking TOWARDS whatever he thinks he sees , I see him walk right up like he's approaching a person, looks back at me and he just crumbles. It was like he fainted or something. So now I'm in the middle of this path completely alone and there may or may not be some type of presence that just caused my friend to pass out.

I'm scared to death at this point obviously and this is all becoming too much for my 13 yr old brain to handle. I'm half Hispanic and grew up around very religious elders and was always told when I had nightmares or if I ever felt evil that I needed to pray. I started walking towards my friend because I didn't want to leave him there but I also didn't want to be alone. And I began praying.

Now as an Adult I am NOT religious, but at this time I was doing whatever I thought would help. I went to try and pick my friend up and he was sooo heavy, abnormally. I was big for my age and he was much smaller then me height and weight wise and it was like i was trying to pull a grown man, I know dead weight but this felt different. He also was ice cold to the touch despite it being being the middle of summer. I started to drag him and was praying and focusing on this one particular star as I did so, not really sure why looking back but I focused on this star and prayed and prayed repeatedly and my initial thought was to drag him to the hospital but I swear the more I prayed the brighter this star got and it was like he was revived or something, he woke up annoyed that I was dragging him and scuffing his Iversons (jerk lol) and confused about what had happened. He said that he saw an old man near the treeline when we were walking and that he motioned for Nate to come towards him. He said once he got close to the old man this thing put his freaking hand inside of Nate which is what apparently made him pass out.

I was happy he was ok and that I wasn't alone and we ended up walking back to his house like nothing happened. But I believe something did happen to Nate that night.

Flash forward a month or so later and per usual I'm meeting up with my friends to once again go to one of these teen dances because per usual that's the only thing going on. I get to Nates house and the whole feeling is just...off. Hard to describe really. I go downstairs to Nates room and he's not in there but this sometimes happened and we were good enough friends that I would just wait for him to pop in which he would do normally. But this time there was nothing. I go back upstairs and EVERY single animal this dude had (which was like a cat and two or three small dogs if I remember right) were all standing hair raised with there backs to his front door staring up, and I see my friend Nate sitting over this banister he had in his house in a weird way, feet dangling. Didn't see him there when I came in and he's just silent, scribbling and mumbling something. "Whats up man?" I asked him nervously not really knowing what the hell was going on at this point. Nate looked up at me and looked like he hadn't slept in a few days, deep circles under his eyes and he says " I ain't f'n scared " confused I ask "scared of what bro?'" And he jumps down from the banister with a paper in his hand and gives it to me.

The paper has the word "Death" and a then just black scribbles like he had been sitting scribbling the same circle in the same place for a long time. Instantly got all the bad vibes and Nope energy and I flat out told him, " I'm going home man" and opened the door leaving his terrified animals in a corner and wondering if they'd be ok.

Long story longer, Nate eventually got into alot of trouble, dealt with some pretty crippling vices and though he's still alive now, looks like a shell of his former self or just not what you would have expected this kid to grow up and be to say the least.

I think I witnessed a possession happen to him. I haven't told many people this story and I don't think I've ever shared this in detail.

I have other equally crazy stories from my time living in this strange small town too if anybody is interested.

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