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Then all man made lakes are actually natural bodies of water if man is a product of nature..

With that having been said...

The crazy lake stories in this roundup might make you wonder...

Little Girl Little Girl

This is a true story...

Of a young girl and that died And haunted a new family

Little Girl Little Girl on Wattpad

I smiled, looking at a lake in the woods I've known my whole life.

As I saw a warm light to the left of me, I realized too late that I forgot the rocks around my campfire.

Posted on Reddit by walkingman101.

More Like This

Being a non swimmer I was feeling a bit better after they told me the entire lake was only 2 ft deep

until I felt the hand clasp around my ankle as I touched the clay bottom

Posted on Reddit by Certain-Abies5417.

The Ghost Of DreadFalls

there's a spirit that haunts the lake and a spirit that protects the lake and the people that it finds worthy.

Rated T Violence Blood and gore

The Ghost Of DreadFalls on Wattpad

Straight into the Lake

When I was about 17, I went on a day trip with my mother to a beach we'd heard about. She knew how to get most of the way there so she memorized the last few MapQuest directions instead of printing them out. It's almost entirely farmlands the whole way, so long straight roads with very few intersections.

We had been driving through farmland for about 30 minutes and the road we were on was supposed to intersect the towns main road at some point, but we kept driving and didn't find any intersections for a while.

Finally we pulled into a gas station to ask how to get to the beach. The cashier pointed the way we came and said "take this road, you'll drive straight into the lake!"

We hesitantly drove the way she told us even though it was exactly the road we came from, and after a minute or two of driving straight, it was a completely different road. Instead of wide open farms we'd seen the whole way here, there were now churches and houses and yard sales and banks and traffic lights, and sure enough less than 10 minutes later the road ended at a T, looking straight out over Lake Ontario (hard to miss)

After taking a moment to be absolutely bewildered, we assumed we'd somehow merged onto the road at an angle without realizing. Later at home I looked it up on Google maps. There are no slanted intersections between the beach and the gas station, only a handful of perfectly perpendicular intersections with either traffic lights or stop signs. Not only that, but a creek runs parallel to the main road, so we would have had to cross a bridge to get to the main road. We did not cross a bridge. The creek is quite wide so we should have noticed if we had crossed.

I really wanna chalk it up to some kind of illusion of unfamiliar territory, and we somehow turned right with neither of us realizing it even though we were fairly on alert and checking every street sign for the main road, and our destination was to the left so we had no reason to make any right turns. My mom still tells that story despite being a strong skeptic, it's pretty tame but still the most unexplainable thing that's ever happened to us. We've gone back many times since and never found what possibly could have confused us.

If anyone wants to check it out on Google maps, the town is Olcott on Lake Ontario in NY. The road is route 78, and the gas station is Kenyon's. We were coming from the West and the end destination plugged into MapQuest was Olcott Beach Lighthouse.

Posted on Reddit by dinop4242.

[DEC21] It almost feels like Christmas except the lake hadn't yet frozen over as it normally did.

While missing our usual Christmas Eve ice skating was sad, the continuous stream of bubbles rising up from the center of the lake was the more worrisome part.

Posted on Reddit by Peony735616.

You in Real Life

Mazie has fallen in love.

Okay, maybe it's with the ghost of a boy from school she hates, but love conquers all, right? Soon after sixteen-year-old Mazie moves to the town of Dorn, she becomes haunted by the ghost of a teenage boy.

The ghost doesn't remember anything, so Mazie calls him Jack.

Until then, she never knew that ghosts could tap dance, nor that it was possible to fall in love with one! But then Mazie meets Blake, a mean, popular boy at her new high school - and she realizes that Blake is Jack's living counterpart.

This means Blake is in grave danger, and only Mazie can help him, but saving this unpleasant boy might kill her ghostly love forever...

word count: 50,000-60,000 words]]

You in Real Life on Wattpad

In Canada, there's a popular myth that a train careened off a mountain railway and into the lake below.

With me at the wheel, however, it will become more than mere legend.

Posted on Reddit by FlightyFlare.

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