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House prices should reflect whether or not the building is haunted.

Obviously, they'd go up if its haunted by a celebrity.

At any rate...

House stories that delve into creepy details like the ones below are surprisingly addictive to get into. You probably won't want to stop reading...

My Guest in Apartment 10B

An Open Novella Contest 2020 Longlist Finalist Arabella W.

Washington recently moved to Lower East Side, Manhattan, to do something with her life and start fresh.

With the help of her grandma Wang's sizeable inheritance, she is able to rent out Apartment 10B in Windsor Hall, a small, old, and creaky building full of history and personality, which harbors a secret of its own.

Food in her refrigerator and utensils in the cupboard starts going missing, and at exactly 6:00 in the evening, she gets the feeling that she is being watched.

What is happening in 10B? Is there a human-sized rat trying to make a meal of her groceries or are the rumors true? No wonder the rent was affordable!

My Guest in Apartment 10B on Wattpad

Somehow my captors managed to build and are keeping me in a house that echos the design of the one I raised my children in.

They keep showing me older photos with a man that looks like a younger version of what I see in the glass above the restroom sink, what's that thing called again?

Posted on Reddit by psybertooth.

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Extremely creepy stuff going on at my house.

Hi. Just made this acc to post this on this subreddit. For a couple of days ive been hearing footsteps in the middle of the night loud enough to wake me up. When i wake up they suddenly disappear. This could be an auditory hallucination but im damn sure I heard it. Spots in my house also suddenly turn cold when I'm home alone, like the kitchen. Also my television has occasionally been flickering on and off for a couple of days. My two dogs also keep barking at random spots in my house and seem agitated a looooot. I can't get them to stop even if I offer them treats or chuck a ball.

There is also just a terribly weird feeling in my own house for the past few days. I dont have any audio or vid ev. but when i get some I will definitely post. Its so freaking scary and i cant live in my own house without fear anymore. I usually am skeptical when it comes to spirits and demons but this has really got me convinced something really odd is going on. There is no past history of paranormal activity in my house and no messing arounf with ouija boards.

Im so scared. Please help. Any suggestions? I can't sleep or go to places in my house without turning the ligts on. Im so scared. Pls reply. If you have any ideas what is going on pls reply

Posted on Reddit by gtrhtyjhtrh.

It's Just the Dark

A man tours a potential new home and it triggers memories of his past paranormal experiences.

Does he have an overactive imagination or is there really something there?

It's Just the Dark on Wattpad

I was watching a CCTV recording of someone breaking into my house a couple days ago, while I was on vacation.

Then I realized, there was not one recording of him leaving the house.

Posted on Reddit by ceoofmydin.

Thing in my house. From my baby?

I've just had a baby. Well just being 2 months ago.

I'm having no sleep, am cranky and those who know this stage know how difficult it is. Regardless weird things have been going on in our house ever since bringing the baby home from the hospital.

It first started with strange smells.. I know what you're thinking - nappies and such but I assure you it wasn't those or my daughter. I would be feeding her and putting her in the next to me crib and go get a bottle of water out of the fridge. Upon entering the kitchen, which is down the stairs and a few more rooms away it smelt like rotting garbage? That's the best I can describe it. I thought the kitchen sink was blocked up again and made a mental note to mention it to my husband in the morning.

I mentioned it and he took it apart and nothing. No blockage and no smell. It seems this smell moves from room to room.

Next I'm awake mostly all night. I would hear 3 loud random knocks on our bedroom door. My husband and I would be in bed and no one else would be in the house. We only live with it being us 3, myself, my husband and our baby.

I thought I was losing my mind or so sleep deprived that I was making it up or maybe something fell onetime and my imagination hung onto that. I don't know.

It happened every night. I'd open the door and see no one there. No windows open... nothing.

Like I said I thought I was going crazy until my husband stayed up with her one night while I got some rest. I hastily got into bed and willed myself off to sleep incase he changed his mind and the next thing I'm getting shaken awake.

It's my husband asking if I heard the knocks.

OK. Just not me... I told him not to worry and went back to sleep. No one was going to ruin my very rare nap time.

I now keep having dreams of this figure. It's a shadow man but I can make out some features. It seems to have four sets or horns on its head and is pitch black. Sorta like a black swirl if that makes sense.

In my first dream it was standing in the door hallway blocking me from exiting. It was blacker than the room and had red eyes. I started to feel an overwhelming sense of dread and then my daughter cried. I woke up from thar dream.

The next one it's RIGHT over my daughters crib and staring down at us.

I told my husband about this also as in a 'look how crazy I am with no sleep' sorta way and he went white. He grabbed me and the baby and the next thing were sitting in the car. He said he didn't want IT to hear us.

He told me that he was trying to nap one lunchtime as I was out with our baby shopping and he thought why not. He awoke to this black.. swirly thing right next to him. Its face inches away from his.

He said it didn't have a face. Just had four black shadow horn outlines and a whispy black body. It's head was on the same pillow as my husbands. That's how close they were.

He told me he jumped backwards as in a sorta 'oh crap' moment and when he did the figure folded in on itself and left. Not without that god awful smell.

Help please guys. What is this? What do we do? I want my daughter to be safe.

Posted on Reddit by dontletmymumdriveyou.

The Evil That Lives Here

This is a true event that happened to us.

After looking everywhere for a rental we settled on the perfect house that met all of our family's needs.

Only catch was..

There was already something waiting for us there.

The Evil That Lives Here on Wattpad

What is going on in my house? all these happenings have happened over the past year!

I woke up at 3 am and heard 2 people having a conversation in the pitch black in my bedroom. My wife also heard the voices. This happened a month after I moved in. This has happened 4 times since 2020. We turned the lights on and nobody is there

The TV turned on by itself

The radio turned on by itself

I heard "hello" in the kitchen and no one was there.

I heard voices from coming underneath the sofa in the living room. Moved the sofa and obviously no one was under it.

I heard 4 knocks coming from inside my bedroom bathroom door in the middle of the night it woke me up. Open the door and no one was there of course.

Heard a man whistling in my garage (no one was inside with me)

Posted on Reddit by ANTHONY_NOTOS_SON.

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