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Crazy gummy bear stories like the ones below pour in from all over the globe. Coincidence? well...

Ralph Bakshi's Lord Of The Rings Movie

I have read about the Mandela Effect and similar phenomenons before and i think in most cases it's simply false memories or something like that.

But sometimes i wonder, because something like that also happened to me during the early nineties, christmas 1991 to be exact. I remember watching the LOTR animated movie, which was broadcasted in Germany on television at that time. The dubbing was different to the one that was on tape, which i bought in 2001 when Peter Jackson's trilogy started. For example the names of the characters were the original english ones instead of the ones used in the german translation of the book (E.g. Frodo Baggins instead of Frodo Beutlin) which was used for the version on tape, Gandalf was dubbed by the same voice actor that was later used for Richard Attenborough in Jurassic Park and the name Smeagol was pronounced different than in the known version (Smeeegol instead of Smiggle).

When i watched the movie on tape i was really surprised at all the differences. First i thought they simply used another dub but i never found anything about another version on the Internet. Apparently the one on tape is the only one that was ever released in Germany.

What makes me wondering the most is the thing with the voice actor. I hadn't heard his voice before and when i saw John Hammond in Jurassic Park for the first time, all i thought is "This guy has the same voice as Gandalf" :-)

I hadn't read the books and didn't knew anything about LOTR when i saw the movie in 1991. Actually seeing it started my interest in reading Tolkien's works and made me a fan.

Update: Another thing i want to mention is that i still have really vivid memories of that day when watched the movie. I played Super Mario Bros 3, which i got as a christmas present, on my NES and had a lot of fun with the game. The last level i played before watching tv was the fortress of World 2. In fact i was enjoying it so much that i missed a part of the movie. The first scene i saw was the Ringwraiths attacking Frodo.

When i watched the taped version a decade later, everything was the same but the voice actors, character names and some translations and pronouncements.

By the way the voice actor of GollumSmeagol in the version i saw on german television was the same one as for Toadwart in Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears, which i loved to watch as a child, instead of another one i'm not sure if i heard him before.

Edited my original post with additional information.

Posted on Reddit by unimatrixq.

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Magic or glitch?

This happened to me when I was about 6. Magic always fascinated me as a kid. Every time I would watch a cartoon, where there was a wizardmagician, I would try to copy him to see if I can make things disappear or transform or some bull$#!#. Whatever, but this one day, I remember watching this one episode of gummy bears (early 90's cartoon) and seeing someone do magic. So I started doing the same $#!#. I grabbed a random dustball that was wrapped in hair and who knows what other nasty $#!#. I put it on the floor and cupped my hands over it. said some random $#!# to see if something would happen... nothing happened. I tried it several times. Then I said to myself, it would be nice if something actually did happen. I had this strange gut feeling that it would. So I cupped that dustball again, said my random words... in place of the dust ball was now a small screw. I was shocked and exited. I couldn't believe I actually did magic. I then looked everywhere for that dustball to see if it had just rolled out of place or something. I never found the dust ball. I ran to my mom and told her what happened. She said I must have been dreaming. I got pist off a her for not believing me at the time. I know what happened that day was not possible.

Posted on Reddit by Blackflamez.

A dream or paranormal experience?

A little backstory. when my boyfriend was a child, he was at his neighbors house playing on their trampoline with the neighbor kid. The other kid went inside to get them something to drink when a woman next door came out on her back porch and offered him gummy bears. Ignoring everything he was ever taught about not taking candy from strangers, he took them. When his friend came back outside, he told him about the woman and his friend explained to him that nobody lived there and hasnt for a few years.

My boyfriend does not believe in the paranormal, so he just wrote it off as a dream. But he tells me that he can remember everything about the day like the way the woman looked and was standing, even the way the gummy bears taste.

So my question is, do you believe it was a dream, or the paranormal?

Posted on Reddit by CountryRose215.

Indian rest stops and absinthe

Ok so I have a possible glitch that may just be a result of exhaustion dehydration and consuming things I'm not familiar with.

A few years back I made my first trip to vegas. Well into my twenties and an avid partier I had never been. I went with a large group. Several close friends some friends of friends and a friend who had just returned from a long tour over seas.

Having had a really long week of partying, staying up with caffeine pills and drinking absinthe that my friend had bought back. When it came time to go home I opted to drive back with one of my friends. A 12 hour drive none the less. In retrospect a terrible idea but having almost had a panic attack when we flew in and being cashed out I figured wed taking turns driving and sleeping.

The drive was endless. Arizona is a barren wasteland. We had to switch drivers every couple of hours because we were having such a hard time staying awake.

Here's where the glitch comes in. During this completely uneventful drive we did happen to get lost. We ended up in a small town somewhere on a residential street. Being completely lost, with poor service and noticing that the locals are starting to come out and wonder who the two guys circling their block are we were both on high alert.

We eventually found a rest stop. It had a Native American theme and a diner. I specifically remember that the support beams inside the restaurant were wooden and people had been writing their name on them in sharpie for what looked like a life time. My friend and I asked for directions. I bought a monster and gummy bears. My friend bought beef jerky. We jumped back in the car and I agreed to take over driving.

Soon after we get on the road I mention to my friend I was hungry and we should have bought some food back at the diner. He had no recollection of a diner. I insisted that the Indian rest stop where we got our snacks would have been perfect to get a burger again nothing. After a few minutes of me trying to reason with him as to what I was talking about it was apparent he had no idea what I was talking about. He mentioned that after we found our way out of the town I agreed to take over and we pulled over on the side of the highway. I explained I wouldn't have taken over with out an energy drink. I was just as tired. I couldn't find my snacks. The gummy bears in the cup holder and the monster in the side pocket were gone.

We continued our drive home and somehow 12 hours turned into 15. My friend and I have reminisced about this trip on several occasions and my friend does not remember this rest stop. We remember everything else the same. The town. The people coming out of their homes. Stopping to eat in Tucson at a Wendy's. Switching drivers several times but the rest stop never matches. I can't consider it a dream because it happened right after we were lost so I didn't get a chance to sleep between. And even though we had been partying heavily any remnants of absinthe( which I'm certain all the stories of hallucinations are just exaggerations from people that can't handle their liquor) would have been completely out of my system.

But I just don't know how two people can have two completely different memories of the same thing. I've been blaming the exhaustion for years but I know something isn't right somewhere.

Please forgive my terrible syntax this is the most I've written in years.

Posted on Reddit by jonnykings.

I've been hearing that same damn pop song over and over again for weeks now.

I tried earplugs, then blasting other music, then fully poking out my eardrums, but I still hear it, so I'm hoping this bullet will do the trick.

Posted on Reddit by D-K-Lawhorn.

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