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Being killed is probably better than the emotional trauma, financial trauma and the permanent physical disability Batman will give you after beating you, a low income citizen forced to turn to crime, to a pulp.

Yet and still...

Crime stories and novels like the ones in this article are weird. Very weird. But, you'll probably enjoy reading them...


Daniel harold is the only one who is able to see Jack .

he believes that Jack is lonely and wants to be part of the harold family .

Daniel considers him his only real friend and he wishs Jack would open up to him like he did .

but he dosent know that theres a sinister side to jack thats going to break him apart .

Jack on Wattpad

"You shall be burned alive for your crimes against our nation!"

The villainess looked terrified by our cruelty but I can't wait until she finds out we're using a tanning bed.

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[DEC21] It almost feels like Christmas, except, the entire world rejected Santa and demanded he stand trial for his crimes.

It all started when, one of the elves leaked, how he kept track of children to make his Naughty or Nice list.

Posted on Reddit by drmsv.

The Weirdos Come Out at Night

When a bounty hunter gets a new job, it turns out to be anything but simple, because his mark took something that everyone wants.

Caught between his boss, a shadowy criminal, and his own conscience, Ryan Ward will have to figure out how to do his job and survive the night.

The Weirdos Come Out at Night on Wattpad

They say the killer often revisits the scene of their crimes.

But they didnt know the victims did too.

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The Judge had heard many defendants say "The Devil made me do the crime".

This was the first time a defendant claimed that crime made him "do The Devil", which was an odd way to refer to his victim.

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Al Nadaha

"I remember when I was young, my grandmother used to tell me stories about Al Nadaha.

That stunningly beautiful woman who waits by The Nile for the unfortunate souls who dare to wander there at night.

She would call them by their first name in an alluring and hypnotizing soft voice, and they follow it to the river where they would meet their dreadful fates." Layla Al-Masry is a pharmacist with the hope to be a successful writer.

She writes short horror stories and articles about supernatural creatures in a renowned magazine.

One day, the chief editor asks her to write an article about Al Nadaha; that urban legend that used to terrorize generations.

Layla starts digging for information with the help of a journal she found, but she never imagined that it could lead to so many horrifying incidents.

Previously or currently featured on the following official profiles: mystery: The Sixth Sense Reading List fright: Chills Thrills Reading List paranormal: Myths and Legends Reading List generalfiction: All Around The World International Reading List.

mythandlegend: Ennead: Egyptian Mythology Reading List

Al Nadaha on Wattpad

In the future where the earth is overpopulated and chance for a decent life is low, people often commit crime so they might have a chance being in the prison rather than the street.

If they aren't lucky enough to have that chance they'll go straight to the slaughterhouse.

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