Ozzie London Introduces Us to "Someone Else"

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House style straps itself to moody minor melody in Ozzie London's "Someone Else".

A beat to kick at, a melody to remember and a voice to sing along with... Ozzie London leave's partygoers little to want for in this song.

You can forget it.

Your life - yours no longer. Long past expired...

You're tired, but tempted to dance and perspire.

"I don't want to hear your apologies..."

Opening to a classic house beat, it doesn't take long for "Someone Else" to amble into a spread out space of punchy bass and rushing wind. Ozzie excites the mind with little details while satisfying the body with rhythm anyone can move to.

Angsty lyrics pit protagonist against unfaithful love interest with a push and a doorslam. Vocals glitch to a 4x4 beat at each chorus, cradling the dance vibe in nuanced syllable fragments. A mobile made of heavy-pressed piano keys hangs on air above an undercurrent of shifting percussion. Higher still, hissing exhaust shimmers with ride cymbals. We're enveloped.


There's a proper dynamic divide in "Someone Else" from verse to chorus. We get the groove early on, then drop to nightlife neon come each choral progression. It's solid stuff.

If dancing is your dilemma at present, this song is the solution. Hit play and break away.

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