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Among aesthetic movements, Outrun has grown to claim its own niche steeped in sweeping arpeggiated synth tones and neon grid lines superimposed over deep pitch slanted far into a blazing horizon.

Although outrun music makes the loudest waves, the art beneath the term's aesthetic umbrella is equally epic as well.

What is Outrun?

Outrun is a video game, first and foremost. More specifically, it's an 80's classic video game centered on the use of nifty four-wheeled moving machines that make haste more hastily than the most impatient biped ever could.

As the years went by, certain devoted, sentimental types took to reviving not only the spirit of the game Outrun, but that of the entire era as well - all in music and art. But, mostly in music.

What is Outrun Art All About

Outrun art began as album and single art - the kinds of cool visuals you see plastered on music within the genre. Kavinsky's Outrun somewhat epitomizes this style with a singular mix of old school elements intermixed to visual perfection.

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Outrun artwork like Kavinsky's album cover draws on 80's retro video game design elements in spades, but quite a few other things 80's are usually fair game.

Miami Vice's rebellious drama, Miami city's old-school pastel color palette, Terminator and Robocop's tenuous, dystopian relationship with technology and more swirl to phantasmagorical mania - at once a soothing sight and a scene from a long, long night.

Hazy, gritty overlays, arcadia fonts and VHS-style chromatic distortions mesh to form a full-fledged nostalgia bomb in art form. Outrun art is basically in line with outrun music in its focus, seizing freedom from a world in free-fall.

Amazing Outrun Artists Worth Looking Into


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Where Outrun art is headed is anyone's guess, but for now, the style and appeal remains grounded as ever in the best of 'back in the day' vibes.

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