OSCA's New Tune is a Testament to "Youth"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Freewheeling feels and dazzling neon glow give OSCA's "Youth" a subtle pull, pleasing and addictive.

OSCA's hyperpop energy leaves the sonic spectrum in shambles. We're shaking. We're shaking.

Two-toned mirrors mask the view.

You are you, but what are they? Shifting impressions of appearance...

But, your truth is here to stay.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"I'll never grow old..."

Song and visuals collide with willfully harum-scarum impulsiveness on display in "Youth". OSCA will never be bitten by age.

Anime-esque piano progressions push us into a dramatic new realm as "Youth" opens up. Violins push and pull at our periphery, sloshing a liquified mix about over grumbling bass. Colossal kicks and snares snap and thud in open space as vocals soar in sweetest soliloquy.


OSCA express the innermost desires of the aging - the lingering hope that we might forever remain as we were, even when our yesterday seems so foreign to our today. In "Youth," the truth is made clear... In the moment, we're as old we feel we are.

This track is perfect club vibe material - deep, dark and dramatic to boot. Boost your bass and hit play, OK?

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