Orbital 2 Makes Creative Jobs a Joy With a Joystick

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Mundane shortcuts in all our favorite applications can morph into massively distracting chores to keep up with and make use of. The alternative is slower work. Nobody wants that though!

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Orbital 2 finds a fun way to solve this, introducing itself as all the shortcuts you could ever hope to memorize in the form of a joystick. It fits a single hand and can thus be comfortably combined with a mouse or pen tablet to aid in complex creative computer work.


"The O2 offers 32 – 256 types of shortcut key and button operations for any creative software. You only need to manage three functions, 'tilt', 'roll' and 'push'."

Gamifying work is a surefire way to make it more enjoyable. What better way is there to do that than a gamer's joystick built for serious power-productivity?


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