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There's another side to the force - a literary side of amazing Star Wars books that begs to be revealed to the franchise's truest fans.

A teeming sea of words awaits fanatics of LucasFilms' adventurous sci-fi universe. In fact, there are far more books belonging to this high-flying franchise than most people (the seriously obsessed included) are likely aware of.

This brief list highlights some of the weirdest and most wonderful offerings in reading material this side of the force. Seriously, there are some genuine gems in the Star Wars written universe well worth exploring in full.

First a few facts and then the good stuff...

How Many Star Wars Books Exist at This Point?

Short answer: way, way more than you could have imagined...

Seriously, BooksaMillion.com lists over 2,000 (2,095 at the time of this writing) in their search results. Even accounting for redundancy in those results would set the number somewhere far, far past 1,000 books in total.

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The franchise's many books span a wide gamut - from children's activity books to graphic novels and Shakespearian gag scripts.

Are These Books Canon?

Not every book attached to this franchise fits into the official plot.

The quick answer: some are and some aren't. With such a massive number of books under their belt, it's a full-time job keeping track of canonical releases and non.

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Some of the confusion surrounding canon and non-canon story fragments in the Star Wars universe revolves around Disney's overhaul of the franchise in recent years.

Check out the following link for a more detailed explanation on which books qualify as canon.

Now, let's get to the books!

1. Star Wars: Jedi Academy

This series of books is a humorous take on jedi training aimed at children in the 7 to 12-year-old range.

The Jedi Academy books are all illustrated graphic novels with charming characters, including a boy named Roan who seeks acceptance into the titular academy.

Star Wars Jedi Academy

A word of warning: most of the people who have gotten one of these books report 'having' to get the rest. They're reputedly pretty addictive.

2. Be More Lando

The "Be More" series brings everyday life and a galaxy of good advice together in a single humorous synthesis.

Stylized after major characters like Lando and Vader, these books give you the kind of advice the characters themselves might if they were forced to manage office politics and the like.

Star Wars be more lando

Lando's installment in this series doles out deal-making nuggets of wisdom for the entrepreneurial-minded.

Jabba the Hutt and Yoda join in too, though Yoda has his own Be More book for general mindfulness.

3. The Jedi Path

A true collector's treasure, this particular tome brings to life the fabled jedi code with a very unique touch...

Contributors to the text added their own thoughts and motivations to it before passing it on - Obi-Wan and Anakin included.

Star Wars Jedi Path

Fleshed out with illustrations, lightsaber techniques, a bestiary and more, the appeal of this book is obvious enough.

4. Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary

All the Star Wars lore and imagery you can handle - in one book...

The above pretty much sums up what this detailed visual dictionary is all about.

Star Wars visual dictionary

A combination of all of the other dictionaries released up to present, this edition has loads of info on everything from C-3PO to Yoda.

5. Star Wars: The Classic Newspaper Comics

This collection of comic strips contains the full run of Star Wars Legends stories.

Spanning a period from 1982 to 1984, these comics detail the exploits of Luke, Leia, Solo and more.

Star Wars newspaper comics

Major collectors can appreciate the value of this one, and they may learn a thing or two about the franchise's expanding universe upon reading it.

6. The New Essential Guide to Droids

To Star Wars fans, droids need no real introduction, but a space-load of detailed descriptions might tickle your fancy...

This book has every droid design up to the date of its publication laid out in epic quality and with ample illustration.

Star Wars guide droids

The multi-colored, multi-form mechanical companions and laborers peppering the stars throughout each installment of the franchise make for one of its most memorable characteristics.

7. Star Wars: The Marvel UK Collection Omnibus

An exquisitely illustrated gem of literature, this final entry on our short list features the complete collection of British Marvel Star Wars comics from the 70's and 80's.

Over 700 pages come rolled up into a single massive hardcover, and the stories therein are largely untold across the pond.

Star Wars marvel omnibus

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