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Alien, ghost, what the hell was it? My personal experience with the unexplained. Would LOVE feedbackinput.

Sorry for a long post!!!!

Okay, get ready for some nonsensical sht because this personal experience of mine is one of the only ones I've had and it still confuses me to this day, and I can't even chalk it up to ghosts or aliens because it seemed like both?

Anyways, new years of 2013 I went to stay with my dads side of the family at an Airbnb type of place in Big Bear. My first time there, and I was about 13 years old. The house was pretty big, had about 4 bedrooms. Everyone there included my dad, my grandma(his mom), my aunt and uncle, my brother and 2 of my cousins. 2 cousins were in one bedroom, aunt in uncle in the other(both upstairs). Downstairs in one bedroom was my grandma, and the last bedroom included my dad, my brother and I. The first night, we arrived around 8pm, in 2 separate cars. We were settling in and began sitting in the living room. I notice a few of them are gathered at the front door staring into the dark(around 9pm at this point). They stood there listening to blood curdling screaming for over a minute, but at 13 years old I am just hanging out with my brother and not really caring enough to go to the door to join them..Now, the screaming could be chalked up to an animal, especially being in Big Bear, but the following encounters could not. Around 11pm I am going to bed, and was tired from the drive. Fell asleep instantly. The next morning, I wake up in the room alone and go upstairs to see my dad and brother(hes 17 at this time) playing pool and whispering. I go up to them and my nosey @$# was like WHAT???? the look on their faces had given away something strange had happened. After pestering my dad to tell me what happened, he finally made me promise I was not going to freak out, and of course I said okay, cause dammit I wanted a sip of that tea.

Now, my dad has always been a skeptic when it comes to anything paranormal, and before this I don't think he ever had an encounter, so I took what he was telling me very seriously, and I knew he wasn't playing with me because he genuinely did not want to tell me(you'll see why). So he begins to explain that the previous night around 1am he got out of the shower and came into the room where my brother and I were sleeping and he got into his bed. We were in two twin beds next to each other separated by a nightstand and my poor brother was in a sleeping bag on the floor next to the closet. Not sure how long he had been laying down for, maybe 30 min to an hour. Suddenly, him and my brother heard what they described as my bed completely collapsing. My bed was right next to my brother so it had to have been pretty loud. My grandma said she heard it too but went back to sleep since it wasn't as loud from her room and she assumed someone knocked the towel rack off the bathroom wall or something(she was in her 70s at this time, hearing not the best).. I, oddly, did not wake up whatsoever. It was one of the best nights of sleep I had ever had. Anyways, after the loud bang, my dad looks over at my bed. He looked at me for awhile while his eyes adjusted because he had no idea what the hell he was looking at. He said there was an upside down triangle above me, with different colors flashing slowly,fading in and out to different colors. He, trying to debunk it any way he can, thought 'maybe shes playing her nintendo.....?'

I had left my Nintendo in the car, and was ddeeeppp asleep. He stared at it for maybe 30 seconds.... and then he said, "....Blaire???". Poof. It dissappeared. Out of thin air. Now my brother being on the floor didn't see it, but he said after he heard the crashing noise he felt a very odd, dark presence in the room, specifically towards the closet which unfortunately was right next to him. Oddly my dad felt the same thing. Seeing that I was asleep, and no way to explain it, they tried to go back to sleep and decided to not tell me until we left (that didn't work out lol). So obviously, as he's telling me this, I'm freaking out!! I told him, I am NOT gonna sleep in that bed tonight please trade me. His response was that itd be better not to because I atleast slept well in my alien ghost bed, while he did not. I didn't care, I didn't want that thing above me, I was unsettled. So this night, we switched beds which I end up regretting. My dad and my brother go to sleep, and this time I do have my Nintendo with me. I play Kirby for a good 25 minutes and decide im going to try to sleep. I turn it off and close my eyes but am still awake. About 5 minutes into that, I start to feel and hear breathing on my neckear. I froze. In my head I was thinking 'well maybe its mine hitting the blanket and coming back to me'. So I hold my breath, and it continues. While holding my breath, I listen for my dad and brothers breathing. I hear theirs, AND this one. Now I know that some of you are thinking, oh hell no, I'd run the hell out of there. I would think the same thing.. I cannot explain how terrified I was. I was completely frozen while whatever this was continued to breathe on me. It was almost warm. It seemed like an hour, but it was probably 10 minutes until I gathered the courage to yell Dad. He turns the lamp on and I take the blanket off me to sit up. My legs are shaking more than they've ever shaked before. I didnt even know you could tremble that hard. My brother had noticed my legs and the look on my face and got freaked out. When I explained, he said "F this, this place is too damn creepy I cant sleep in here". Him and I walk around the living room a bit, sit down, unsure of what to do and too scared to go back to bed. About an hour later we gather the courage to go back, and we try to fall back asleep. Thinking back on it im surprised i fell back asleep even tho it took me like an hour. We could not get over the sense of dread coming from somewhere in this room, which was a very very small room

So wherever this feeling was coming from, it was near us no matter what. Especially the closet, something just felt OFF. my brother of course moved his sleeping bag over to in between our beds.

Anyways, there was no alcohol or drugs consumed on this trip, my dads side of the family mainly has a glass of wine with dinner occasionally. Not big drinkers at all, and they didn't for this trip. Of course the rest of our family there did not believe us one bit and said to my dad " your kids have crazy imaginations huh"? despite the fact he experienced this the night beforehand...I was surprised that that comment frustrated him a little since he's usually skeptical too.

Whenever I think back to this experience I never know what to think of it. What was it ??? A triangle of light and breathing ? It doesn't add up to me.

I would love some input from this subreddit. What do you guys think ? And if you made it all the way to the end, thanks for reading. (:

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Im scared


Throwaway because fiance knows my real account and I dont want him to see this. He already thinks Im losing it.

This is going to be a bit long but please bare with me.

Last August we began relocating to another city because my fiance was offered a position at a company that he wanted since he graduated, and I was okay with it because Im a private tutor at a small institute and I was lucky to be able to transfer to their other branch, which happens to be in this current city. After we made sure everything could work smoothly, my fiance started moving us in August, as I was able to do my transfer in September, I had to wait. Although because my schedule is usually more flexible in summer, we did make a couple rounds together. He found a house thats new, a little out of town but on the cheaper side nevertheless, and hes helping me pay my student loan, so although we earn a good amount, we have to save most of it for that, as weve decided we would get married once we were both debt free, and he was some credit card debt that were also working through.

My fiance mentioned the first time he began moving things that the house had some problems with electricity and he wasnt sure what it was, but theyd just stop working out of nowhere. I told him to contact the realtor to complain, as we were told the house was perfectly ready to move in, and excuse my language but although the rent is cheap, we did pay a buttload during the whole process of moving and deposit and whatnot so I didnt think it was fair we had to deal with this.

We never did talk about it again, he did call the realtor and someone went and checked I guess. I dont know the specifics, I just know it was not a problem again.

And then I moved fully in September, started my new job, everything was good. On 28th of September, we were gonna drive to the old city to go to my fiances sisters birthday that was the next day and stay for the weekend. Unfortunately I had to stay until late Friday at work, and told my fiance Id take the train in the morning and he should go.

I came home late that night, maybe 11-12 Im not sure. All the lights were on, TVs were on, and my fiances desktop computer was also turned on, its not a big house but it does have many rooms, so someone would have to intentionally turn them all on one by one. You cant just forget to turn it off. I texted my fiance to ask, he told me he didnt do it, it could be a problem with the electricity again, since the door was locked and there was no sign of anyone entering, I let it go. Also, we have an alarm system, not a motion detector but its on the windows and the doors, if they open after the alarm is on theyd go off. I directly went to bed, put my phone on charge next to me and put like 20 different alarms to make sure I would wake up and even put the ringer on the loudest. The next day I wake up, turn to check my phone and its not next to me. I had a small heart attack to say the least. I got up, started looking around. It wasnt anywhere. We dont have a landline so I didnt know what to do, I ran to my laptop to check the time. It was around 11 am, and while I was extremely anxious and upset I missed the train and the birthday, I was more anxious that my phone was missing. I messaged my fiance on Facebook and told him what happened. He wasnt angry, he was just annoyed and I was almost certain he thought I was making up an excuse. I then asked him to call my phone so I could find it. He did, and there was nothing. No noise. He said I must have it on silent, which I never never never put my phone on silent when hes in another city because I want him to be able to reach me at all times in case of the worst.

I started to make myself believe that MAYBE I got up at night, put my phone somewhere else and then it ran out of battery. But then how come my fiance can call it? Maybe i really did just put it on silent?

My fiance told me I could skip this weekend as I was tired and clearly not in my right mind.

That night I ordered some takeout, my fiance is a vegetarian so I dont get to binge on junk food, burgers and stuff much when hes around. The order came, I started watching Netflix on tv. I went to the kitchen to get a napkin, came back, and I heard my ringtone. Stopped everything to look around, and my phone came out of the takeout McDonalds bag. I swear at that point I began sweating and felt extremely uneasy. Also, the phone was at 100 battery. And no notifications, no calls from fiance, nothing. Absolutely nothing. I freaked out and called my fiance again, in which he kinda got annoyed with me and told me to calm down and get some rest. After that I decided to call my sister, which she didnt answer. I seriously started freaking out and turned on all the lights, and decided to sleep in the living room if I had to sleep. I knew something was going on. I spoke to her the next day and she said all the things my fiance said.

Nothing happened after that for about 2 months. My birthday is in November but I had to work that day, so my fiance decided to come home earlier than me and cook for me. If youre also over 25, you know birthdays are just normal days if you have to work that day, so I was absolutely thrilled I didnt have to get dressed and drag myself out. I came home, we ate, we did the naughty, and my fiance fell asleep. And then I heard his phone ringing in the kitchen, it was quite late so I thought it has to be important and went to fetch it. The phone wasnt there, when I entered the kitchen the noise stopped, and the fridge doors were open. Like wide open. The doors of our fridge automatically close unless you open them to the max and put this stopper thing the fridge has. So it was put on that. Also it starts to make this stupid beeping noise after you leave it open for too long, and it wasnt on, so it was JUST opened. I freaked out again, called for my fiance, he ran inside probably thinking someones about to murder me. I told him what happened and he said my phone is on silent and its on charge next to me you must be dreaming and forgot that you put it on youre tired

I am a logical person. And the logic said he was right. I accepted it and moved on. And besides the tv turning on by itself sometimes there was nothing again. Which at that point my fiance had decided the problem mustve been the wiring with the tv, as the electricity was fine. I accepted it again, I mean, it is the logical thing to believe.

2 days ago I came home from work early as I had nothing after lunch. I decided to clean a little maybe cook some stuff for the week and whatnot. But first I wanted a warm bath because I worked my leg slightly too hard at the gym so it was very sore. I prepped my things, even put my laptop on to catch up on my shows, nice coffee and whatever else. I filled the tub with hot water, which is important, it was quite hot, I had to slowly get in to not burn myself but thats how I enjoy it. Just when I was about to start my pampering I heard the door, I had some Amazon orders that I was expecting, I got up, put on a robe, signed for the packages and got back. All in maximum of 3 minutes. The water was ice cold. Not just cold. Ice cold. The type of cold that actually burns your skin. Everything else the same but the water. And because I didnt expect that I just put my leg in directly and with the shock I slipped and fell to the tub, and have a small bruise on my butt now.

I didnt tell my fiance because I know he will try to justify it with saying Im tired again. I just told him I fell. But I swear the water was hot. It was so hot that I left the door open in the bathroom and cracked a window to stop it from getting extra steamy. I dont know what to think and I dont know what to do. Ive never experienced something like this and Ive never believed in something like this. It doesnt make sense. But its as real as anything thats ever happened to me. I read some things here before writing this and people told other people to check the history of the house. The problem is, this is a new house. An elderly couple bought it as the first owners of it after being built, and then rented it to us. Literally as new as it can be. I dont know who to talk to. I dont even know what to say if they let me talk. And actually I dont even know why Im writing this here. Maybe Im hoping you have some sort of a miracle cure for me or something I dont know.

EDIT: thank you for all your help. i am taking the advice of some people that said to try the crystals first. I will also be having my brother check if the cm detector is working properly this weekend. My fiance is traveling for work on Monday for a week, so I will try to convince my brother to stay and look into seeing a doctor with me as he is in between jobs now so he might be able to. I will update it as it goes for those who asked. Again, I just want to say thank you. I was extremely scared when I was writing this but thanks to all of you I feel like I can manage this better.


UPDATE1: I spoke to my fiance about it just about half an hour ago. He doesnt really think anything out of the ordinary is going on but he is more concerned that it is a health issue. I will go to the hospital for a brain scan sometime next week. (Which I never even had one and dont know how it works) He unfortunately wont be here but he told me his coworkers wife is a nurse so maybe she can be somewhat helpful. He also told me if I felt uneasy he could book me an Airbnb or hotel when hes goes, but I dont think thats necessary for now. I am trying to answer as many of you as possible but I have already answered many of the basic questions in other comments. Thank you all again.

EDIT: I dont understand the hate messages I am getting. If you dont believe this, please feel free to move on with your day. I wish you nothing but the best. I appreciate all those who help.

Please take responsibility for the negative energy you bring into a space. I have more than enough as it is.

UPDATE2: After reading some of your thoughts and opinions and advices I did come clean to my fiance, not fully clean, but I did basically tell him exactly what happened so far. Reluctantly he agreed to call our landlord today as he has had some sort of a communication with him prior but I never did. He first asked about the electricity problem and somehow brought the subject to what the land was for before the house was built on it. I wasnt there as I had students the whole day so Im not crystal clear on details. He mentioned buying it from a young couple as it was left to them by a family member who was building a 3 story house and they didnt want to continue so they sold it. After he bought it he decided to keep the house one story and that was that. We dont know much else and I doubt we will. My brother arrives late tonight so I will make sure to get him to check the detector.

LAST UPDATE EVER: Hi everyone. So my fiance found my post :) he was especially taken back by the people who suggested he was doing this to me :) and upset that he didnt really take me seriously :) not to worry though, we do appreciate everyone looking out for me on the internet. So thank you :)

I have decided not to update the post anymore and just deal with this privately as this is making me feel weird to constantly update. Although I will say this. My fiance found the post because he was scrolling through the paranormal sub as apparently he did experience something yesterday. He couldnt chalk it up to being tired as he put it, since it happened when my brother was also present, however I wasnt.

We have a small storage place I guess what youd call it, its a small cabin behind the house, not really even a cabin. You could fit about 4 washing machines but then you cant really walk in it if you do, to get an idea about the size.

We keep old junk there like childhood memory boxes etc, the type of stuff your parents usually keep. My brother brought some more of my stuff from high school when he came as I asked for them and my fiance and brother were spending the day organising stuff and throwing things out etc. The box my brother brought had some photos, including my high school graduation photos, and some trinkets. They decided to go through it last as they wanted to make sure I see what theyre keepingnot keeping so they just left it at the end of the hall to not create clutter, left for about a minute to get some water and the box disappeared. The thing that convinced him is that, we have a long hallway, but you have to go past the kitchen to get the box and run if you wanted. And my fiance and brother swear that nobody came in or anything. So thats our last straw. Hes leaving tomorrow for a work trip and Im going to be staying in the house with my brother. We dont know what to do or think. I guess although this is nerve wrecking I have to admit Im happy that he found out in the end.

Thank you to all of you. I will not be logging into this account or updating anymore. Thank you again.

Ps: I love you Alec :) I know you will check this later on. So there I said it!!!:)

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Broken Electricity or Ghost Haunting?

So while I was staying in Cancun Mexico on a trip we went to a Airbnb At Isla Mujeres. Now while we're at this Airbnb, I saw some weird things happen, For Example the light would randomly flicker or shut off and then shut back on after a few minutes and door's would randomly open slowly or close slowly even though no windows were open. Was I going crazy or was this place haunted?

Posted on Reddit by Ghost_Reflex903.

Anybody gets creeped out in santa fe new mexico

I recently travel to nm and i don't know if maybe its because i'm not use to the scenery but i felt so creeped out. It wasn't until my second night there that i really wasn't feeling comfortable, i started to have an uneasy feeling that was causing me to have a stomach ache i was dreading heading back to my airbnb but nothing happen to me but my cousins said as they were going to sleep it looked as if someone was flahsing a bright light to their eyes but as soon as they opened their eyes they didn't see anything.. i don't know. I just know that in the day time i felt fine but as soon as the sun started to set i start to feel quite scared

Posted on Reddit by MinimumBasis4.

Help me identify what I saw camping...

Hi there, new to this forum :) A few weeks ago I went camping with a group at a private site (like Airbnb but for camping). Our tents were all fairly spread out and my boyfriend and I were farthest from home base. On our last night there I could not sleep, my heart was beating out of my chest and I just kept feeling like we were being watched. I heard footsteps and felt a presence outside of the tent. I woke my boyfriend up to look outside and he said he saw nothing but a deer. However when we returned home he told me he had seen a white figure that didnt quite look animal or human...needless to say I feel justified. But...any idea what this could have been?

Posted on Reddit by Witch-Hazel-32.

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