One With Shade Looks Out at You From a "Lucid Dream"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Buzzing fuzz frisks the cortex throughout One With Shade's abstract track "Lucid Dream".

Opening to voices telling us to "hold on tight," this tune travels the twists and turns of a torrid mind's dream state.

Lost in a dream... You mean to wake up.

You fell deeper asleep... Than you thought you could go.

Now, you've had quite enough.


"I built these walls that surround me..."

An experimental mix of synths and strange sounds, dampened, do justice to a sense of adventure in "Lucid Dream". One With Shade shakes the sonic spectrum with auditory visions of the mind's interior landscape.

Dynamic as a dream, the assortment of sounds situated along the timestrip of this song take you deeper within.

Drum shots, arhythmic, and siren sawtooth signals guide us across uncertain, immaterial space in "Lucid Dream". Believe half of what you hear...

For a bout of blurry musical abstraction, you're safe in choosing this track. "Lucid Dream" demonstrates One With Shade's fascinating take on surreal synth pop, placing us in an alpha state on drafts of motile mood spores.

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