Once You Hear DBE's "The Ride," You Won't Stop Talking About It

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Midnight blues in brilliant effervescence rushes the senses throughout DBE's "The Ride".

Noire-tinged tones take shots at an abandoned bar of melody. The result is a sluggish rock banger.

How hard did the door slam?

How loud was your voice? How hard was the choice?

Now, do you give a damn?

Odd Nugge-hecho

"I'm a cold-hearted winner..."

DBE describes the death and undeath of an ailing relationship in "The Ride". Once you get on, there's no getting off.

Soulful belting shatters surroundings amidst livewire guitar chug. Finger snaps sneak into the mix, fleshing out a living lounge effect with charismatic nuance. Like an empty tumbler, the mix begs for a fill, then empties itself just as soon as it's brimming. This auditory roller-coaster careens to a choral halt with calculated tumult.

Odd Nug-hecho

A contestation stops over empty, echoing space; a pause for effect pleads with silence. DBE expresses the deepest concern with the darkest humor, emphasizing self-sufficiency in the face of an unpredictable relationship.

For a dose of distorted vocals and deep, dark bluesy indulgence, give "The Ride" a try. It's button-activated.

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