"On My Own" With Fennr Lane


Odd Nugget Social-done

Big sound and sentiment sweep you up in Fennr Lane's "On My Own."

A strong throwback sound returns us to late 90's rock in this sweet single. Think Travis' "Turn" with deeper, more intimate tones.

"In this city of broken lights..."

Darkness. Your backlit silhouette spills over a crowd.

Smoke fills the room - engulfing observers and performers alike.

Odd Nugget Sociali-done

Your voice parts the cloud. A spotlight brings you into focus.

Applause rises in a wave at your exhausted bow. You've done it.

"On the ashes I stand..."

As an immersive rock ballad, "On My Own" sets the stage swimmingly. It's real and present in its moment.

Fennr Lane lands the synergy in this. Hard to picture a lone multi-instrumentalist pulling four corners of a band together on his own. Very cool.

The lyrics point towards internal conflict; independence and apprehension. To succeed is to press on against fear.

If post-grunge and big rock ballads are your thing, this song will sit well with you. Even if they aren't, give it a listen and enjoy.

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