Omega the Poet's Love Lives "Down in the East"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Omega the Poet's "Down in the East" makes for laid-back lyrical listening.

Soft-spoken words drizzled over power-punctuated beats and guitar... Omega's on fire.

"But the time for that is done..."

Smoke escapes your lips and splits in cool air.

Traced in its cloud are memories; pictures worth words you haven't got.

Piercing the smog, she steps into your picture. Smoke fits snug around you both.

"...We'll have a girl and I hope she's like her mom..."

"Down in the East" is down with the sweetness; heartfelt and down to Earth. Touches of Tupac in his enunciation, Omega broaches topics steeped in sentiment. Love; the long-lasting kind.

Dampened guitar chords branch out over the beat - keeping icy-chilled cadence dressed in melancholy soul. The melody is a charming, careful choice. Very fitting for the song.

Odd Nugget Soc-done

"Down in the East" takes a simple approach to real love and lays it bare on the line.

Omega the Poet provides welcome positivity and mind-mellowing music in this track. You'd best not miss out. Listen and love.

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