Ollie Trevers Triumphs With "Stage of Fools"

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Apathy envelopes the mind in Ollie Trevers's new musical creation "Stage of Fools".

A deceptively quiet rock track to chill to, this one is bound to tug at some heartstrings.


If all of the world...

Is truly a morbid stage,

Are we dead actors?

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"I have been to Hell and it's not burning, it's just nothing."

"Stage of Fools" feels a lot like an emotional 'lost and found' - in finding it, you lose yourself.

Emotional exhaustion melts into melody, melody to music and music to mood. Soft falsettos flit birdlike over sonic spume. Energetic outbursts dim to lamplight and erupt anew with warmth, subdued. Caught between rock and a soothing place, this song straddles the crumbling edge of despair's open pit, aware of the drop, yet avoiding it.

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"Stage of Fools" is the kind of tune that takes you places you never thought it would. Call it melancholy - there's tearful relevance to the words and tissue-paper softness to the sound, all around.

For a little something to fall in love with, give this song a go. It's lovely stuff and well worth a listen. Just look below.

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