Olivae Gives Your Ears "A Place to Stay"

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Like an island lullaby or an ode outstretched over cliff and canyon, Olivae's "A Place to Stay" stays with you a while after you've heard it.

Gentle guitar combines with keys and voice to elegant simplicity in this, and it's soothing sonic bliss.

Time will tell.

You've forgotten to remember. You've remembered to forget...

And now, you're stuck with it.

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"What's on your mind that makes you fade away?"

Olivae extracts emotion from the subtlest of shifts in "A Place to Stay", lifting life from layers of nuance along the way.

Singing to the future while heeding the past... Olivae embarks on a lyrical journey across thoughts, hopes, dreams and memories in this song. Leading us along with thoughtful lyrics, he takes us through a haze of amorous uncertainty to a better beyond, distilling drops of ambiguity to a wholesome pool of hope.

Part pluck and part strum, the accompaniment on guitar cuts softly as undercurrent to evolving perceptions. With palpable restraint, the voice of another joins his own in chorus, engendering an echoing effect. Two souls calling for each other, magnetized...

This song sets you adrift on memory bliss. Sounds come soft and soothing. You'll lose yourself for a moment when you press play.

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