Oh My My Works Dark Dance Magic on Your Mood with "Leave You at the Bottom"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Off-kilter syncopation places words and dance percussion in perilous pairing throughout Oh My My's new track "Leave You at the Bottom".

This tune is a tempest, hot and humid and fierce red in feel.

The genuine article...

You aren't horrible. Not grand either...

Been 'took' by a crimson deceiver.

"Sometimes, what you thought you had... It's not the same as the real thing..."

Lasers fly as Oh My My masks and harasses harmony itself in "Leave You at the Bottom".

Angry bass synths rip at bells mid-chime, morphing from moment to moment with formless force. Wavering synths send soft signals over soundscape - a radar of love left blinking to infinity at ocean's depths. Your ship shocks sand at the seafloor.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

Sudden realizations come as earth-moving monsters of thought, paring down piece-by-piece the reality you'd erected around yourself. This song sounds like all that happening in real time.

For late night dance fever, "Leave You at the Bottom" brings the mop and the bucket. For poignant party-power ponderings, you'll find your fair share here. Press play to hear.

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