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With all the guns being found by magnetfishing, the story of Arthur finding Excalibur in a lake feels way more believable..

But, did you know...

Only someone who loves getting spooked will find the following lake stories and books more fun than freaky. What do you think?

Roses and Dreams: A Collection of Short Fantasy Stories

Breathe magic into the air.

Watch the shimmers condense into silvery streaks of light.

Feel the spark of power on your skin.

A collection of short fantasy stories.

Cover by seventhstar (Stefanie Saw)

Roses and Dreams: A Collection of Short Fantasy Stories on Wattpad

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I stare are her as bubbles escape her screaming mouth, at the bottom of the lake.

Its been thirty minutes, how is she not dead yet?!

Posted on Reddit by qazsedcazsxdc.

Haunted Waters

[ONC 2020 Shortlister] Something evil dwells in the black lake by the misty woods, something that will claim the souls of those who dare to dive into its realm.

Lynn Morris is ready to enjoy some well-deserved holidays in the company of her closest friends.

And that house on the lakeshore looks like a dream come true and is exactly what she needs.

Or that's what she thinks.

It takes her diving into the lake, it takes a blood-curdling vision for her to know they shouldn't have touched the waters.

Something is watching her; ready to turn her holidays into the worst nightmare ever had.

When reality and illusions start clashing in a never-ending war, will she be able to remain sane and save her friends? Or will she fall prey to the darkness growing in her own mind? ONC 2020.

Prompt 40.

Haunted Waters on Wattpad

Dad used to tell me stories about the small town by the lake where he lived as a kid, all about his big family celebrations, the fancy church with the metal gate and his lucky friends who did special, important things for the town.

When exploring an abandoned building took a weird turn, I learned about the cult rituals, the abandoned compound with rusty barbed wire around it and what happened to the missing kids all those years ago.

Posted on Reddit by Intrepid_Wanderer.

Before you fell into the lava lake, you suddenly obtained a Superpower.

Unfortunately, what you got was Immortality

Posted on Reddit by kcgarbin.

Cryptid Quest: Shadow Under the Lake

Rick Arbuckle and Caroline Whitney do not get along.

Since Rick believes in cryptids and Caroline doesn't, they consider themselves rivals.

Yet when their teacher assigned them on a project, investigating an attack on a fishing boat by an unknown animal, the two kids have to put aside their differences to solve the mystery of the Bish Bash Lake Monster.

A fun cryptid mystery for kids.

Cryptid Quest: Shadow Under the Lake on Wattpad

Slowly the frozen lake cracks under my feet.

Instantly the silence around me shatters.

Posted on Reddit by moth1334.

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