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It'd be cool if we could teach parrots English and then they could talk to other English speaking birds and then we could put them in a podcast..

With bird ideas in mind...

Some of the bird stories that follow are bizarre enough to give you goosebumps. Consider yourself warned!

Working on the the floor, I always stared out the window and admired the beautiful flying birds.

But as my building became engulfed in flames and the foundation began to tumble, I realized I may soon join them in flight.

Posted on Reddit by skagemm.

Saw a half manifested bird fly across the store

So this happened about a week or so ago. I work in a retail store where we have a service desk in the middle of the store towards the back. You can see the back wall of the store and the door to receiving from there. Anyway, it was late in the evening about an hour and a half before closing and the store was quiet. I was leaning against the service desk kinda daydreaming looking at my phone and looking at nothing in particular while facing the back of the store.

All of a sudden I see what I can only describe as a small bird fly from the wall on my left to the back wall of the store and into receiving. now it's not uncommon for birds to get trapped in the store but the weird thing was it looked like it was half in this dimension and half in another, because I could see through it. it was kind of shimmery like Predator, and it flew through the wall at the back of the store.

I've seen other unexplained movements in the back half of the store but nothing like this. I even went to the back room to see if there was a bird back there, but there wasn't and I knew I wouldn't find it anyway.

Posted on Reddit by Echterspieler.

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I sprinted blindly through the jungle, traumatized by the bird-like beast that had attempted to take my life.

I felt a sense of relief as I heard the wing beats grow more and more distant.

Posted on Reddit by Sea_Employ_4366.

Midnight singing birds?

So this happened years ago, I woke at am and heard birds singing really loudly. I asked my family did they hear birds singing at am and they said I was crazy.

I posted elsewhere about this and my friend whos local heard them at am.

I put it away mentally and a week after my youngest kid complained she couldnt sleep on account of the singing birds, so we went in her room and the birds were singing.

It lasted for two weeks or so and never happened again.. I think the program had got a glitch with the midnight birds

Edit, thank you for all your sane suggestions makes me feel slightly less silly about these birds

Posted on Reddit by ThatBritishWoman.

Crows are the smartest birds ever, you can teach them so much!

I taught mine how to add pills to stuff unnoticed, and to get me your lost keys!

Posted on Reddit by Uppity-Flamingo.

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