uptime days My experimental gopher

Found at: zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/~yargo/clog/zp-uptime666.txt

# uptime 666 days // 18-7-18

My experimental [gopher server]( gopher://gopher.first.ethz.ch ) at work
running OpenBSD now has reached 666 days of uptime. Yay! ^-^
Load is almost negligible, it's powered by our UPS system, I'm the only user,
and there are just some monitoring jobs for our network running, but
it's actually my main machine at work I log in from different terminals
(and my old PowerPC iMac, tablet and smartphone) for accessing e-mail
and all of my text work documents. So it's anyway doing real work.
It's an old mini desktop machine, at least about 12 years of age,
with between 10 and 20 W power consumption. Slow but useful and stable.