Personal and Workplace Computing Ecosystem

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# Personal and Workplace Computing Ecosystem // 18-9-21

jynx writes about the personal computing ecosystem on the
[RPoD]( gopher://1436.ninja/1/Phlog/wiki.cgi%3f20180912 ) blog.
I have a similar arrangement, but at work: currently the small
[monitoring computer]( gopher://gopher.first.ethz.ch ) I'm also
using for an experimental gopher server and running OpenBSD is
at the same time my main environment with Mutt and vi, basically
the hub. I'm logging into it from various machines at work and
also from my tablet or smartphone (both with Termux clients).

It serves for pushing around files with scp/sftp, and for
keeping track of my time spent at work (using [wj.sh][wj] , a
small shell script I wrote some time ago). Its good uptime,
even during power failures, makes it very convenient to keep
programs open and alive with the "screen" tool while I'm not
logged in.

Privately, I have one small VPS where all of my important
git repos live, I'm using sdf.org for my e-mail, web and
gopher presence, and of course circumlunar.space for the
alternative gopher presence. In addition, I have some own-
and nextcloud accounts, the most important ones being on
sdf.org and sdf-eu.org. They serve as bases for my various
machines (laptops, Android phone and tablet, and an old
macmini), which mostly are used as terminals into the VPS
and the SDF and C.S systems.


[wj]: https://github.com/hb9kns/wj