s Dome Operational ve decided

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# Ryumin's Dome Operational // 18-11-30

I've decided to go public with the [gigof][1] script suite
and its test case on [Ryumin's Dome][2].
Not that I would be sure it's all polished, but because
I'm not better than large software corporations using
their clients for beta-testing... ^-^

So if you're interested in an experiment of providing
gopherholes through git repositories, please point your
gopher client to the Dome and check it out!
I'd be grateful for feedback, either directly on the Dome
or via any other means you can contact me.

Especially if you manage to break anything!
Security certainly can be improved, and this experiment
also is an occasion for me to learn on that level.
If the thing breaks apart between my hands, there's not
much harm to be done, provided nobody relies on the Dome yet!


[1]: git://circumlunar.space/gigof
[2]: gopher://dome.circumlunar.space