The Dome for Cloning and

Found at: zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/~yargo/clog/yu-dome-cloning-hb9kns-github.txt

# The Dome for Cloning and Publishing github.io Content

Until now, my online amateur radio log (which shows little activity for now...)
was only available through HTTP(S) on hb9kns.github.io. To simplify publication
of an existing git repo on dome.circumlunar.space, I have added a git-shell
script providing the possibility for any [gigof][] user to completely empty the
gopherhole on The Dome, which allows for pushing content from an existing remote
working directory. To test it, I have given myself a gigof user on The Dome,
and uploaded my github.io content after cleaning the gopherhole from the default
content. Therefore, my hamlog is now available also as a gopher clone, at
gopher://dome.circumlunar.space/~hb9kns -- neat! ^-^


[gigof]: git://circumlunar.space/gigof -or- git://dome.circumlunar.space/gigof