Look at the Republic Although

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# Look at the Republic // 19-1-31

Although I knew since its inception about [The Republic's][1] existence,
I never really visited it. There's quite some interesting stuff in there!

leeb has announced [Project Lightsabre][2] with the aim of building a
gopher client in COBOL -- how cool is that! Good luck, and keep us posted!

[katolaz][3] discusses a lot of Unix tools, and reminds me of the
"old dog, new tricks" saying.. I already learnt some stuff I never heard
about, and am looking forward to more!
> I cannot guarantee that any of the stuff I will put here
> will be of any interest to anybody.
Oh but yes, it will!

[cleber][4] brings us not just interesting ideas about programming,
but a refreshing take on Brazil from an insider viewpoint
complementing external and mainstream media.


[1]: gopher://republic.circumlunar.space:70/
[2]: gopher://republic.circumlunar.space:70/1/~leeb/phlog/lightsabre-project
[3]: gopher://republic.circumlunar.space:70/1/~katolaz/phlog
[4]: gopher://republic.circumlunar.space:70/1/~cleber/phlog