Firefox and Gopher brilliant!I

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# Firefox and Gopher -- brilliant! // 19-2-16

I just stumbled over sloum's phlog concerning
[Firefox and Gopher][1]: indeed you can simply
remove the 'gopher://' part off and instead tag
a ':70' after the host, and Firefox will show you
the gophermap, like with 'sdf.org:70/users/yargo' !

Not that it's a very convenient way of accessing
gopher sites through Firefox (which of course is
a pity, because some generations ago, FF was a
very decent gopher client) -- but it's a fine hack,
thanks sloum for sharing!

By the way, you can read [it][1] in FF by entering
as address. ^-^

How about some scripts to autotranslate gopher links
for those poor FF users out there? Ideas/volunteers..?

The trick also works in InternetExplorer 11, but there
I had to prepend 'http://' otherwise it tried to search
for it.. On Iridium it threw an error though (about
wrong HTTP protocol or so), and therefore I assume all
Chromium-based browsers might fail.


[1]: gopher://circumlunar.space:70/0/~sloum/phlog/20190115-22.txt