Reactivating Grex for Testing plog

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# Reactivating Grex for Testing plog // 19-12-19

My account at [grex/cyberspace][1] again has been laying dormant for
years, according to the last update I wrote there.
Recently, I've been improving [plog][2], adding git-hook functionality.
I've been using plog on my [SDF glog][3], but in a somewhat cumbersome
setup, using cronjobs for publication, and git only for preparation of
the posts. When I started plog, I thought all the git-hook stuff being
complicated and not really the core business of git, but in the meantime,
I've learned it can be very useful and seems to work well. So it was
time to incorporate it into plog as well, because I also started to see
it would very much simplify setting up plog instances, which in turn
would make it easier to set up mirror sites for blogs/glogs.

So I've installed my "grexlog" which is available as [weblog][4]
as well as [phlog/glog][5], both automatically updated whenever I push
to the corresponding git repo on grex. I'll post the setup process
over there, naturally, as the first "real" post.

I may change the setup here on the Zaibatsu as well, but of course
the content will remain.


[1]: grex.org (http or gopher)
[2]: git://dome.circumlunar.space/~hb9kns/plog.git  or README at
[3]: gopher://sdf.org:70/1/users/yargo/glog
[4]: gopher://grex.org:70/1/~yargo
[5]: http://grex.org/~yargo/