pencil and listening to the cricket

Found at: zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/~visiblink/phlog/20220930

a pencil and a clipboard, listening to the crickets and the traffic down 
below. It's a beautiful, sunny day. In fact, it's so unseasonably warm 
that I was able to replace a couple of windows in the house. Most years 
t would be too cold to do that, but I suspect this kind of heat is the
new normal.

feel like there's much to say about anything. I guess this must be a 
'general malaise.' If so, it's okay. Most days in the late afternoon I 
listen to the shortwave, hooked up to a 30-foot wire strung across the 
back yard. My wife's a saint for putting up with my oddness.

She surprised me a little while ago by saying that she'd like to move 
back to the north again when we retire. Since then we've been looking 
online at houses in a little town that I used to live in years ago. We 
the place again before making any life-altering decisions. I loved the 

Well, I guess I'll type this in, post it, and send Solderpunk the 

Take care.