been getting up quite early to

Found at: zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/~visiblink/phlog/20220712

been getting up quite early to re-stain the deck and fences. They're 
this week, it was cool and a bit rainy. I like that.

Otherwise, I've been learning a bit of python and some more bash and 
batch scripting. I know a bit of Javascript too, and there's a great 
turning to something really different in the future, but I'm not sure 
(Windows for work, Linux at home).

An update on batch script GUIs: last year, I posted about easy-to-use 
(http://wizapp.sourceforge.net/). It's still the best thing that I've 
used. However, I recently found a version of Zenity compiled as a 

There's also a version at Github, which appears to be newer: