you hate hanging connections in For

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CTRL-G in lynx

Don't you hate hanging connections in 

For years, I've broken them with 
CTRL-C to kill the program and just 

Then the other day, I started trying 
other CTRL key combinations and ***lo 
and behold*** (imagine a choir of 
angels singing in the background) 
CTRL-G simply broke the connection and 
left me exactly where I started. 

Of course, my immediate thought 

So I pressed the "?" key for help -- 
and got: "Alert!: Unable to access 

So then I looked up the documentation 
at https://lynx.invisible-island.net/

And there, near the bottom of the 
list, was the culprit:

CTRL-G      - Cancel input or transfer

Maybe everyone else always knew. But 
for me, the angels are still singing!