Newsbeuter is based rss reader and

Found at: zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/~visiblink/phlog/20200516

*                                   *
* Newsbeuter is a console-based rss * 
* reader and podcatcher             *
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Well, it's a lovely Saturday morning 
and it seems like a great time to 
abandoned but still works well. 
Newsboat[2] is a more up to date fork, 
but I haven't used it yet. It appears 
from the documentation that little has 
changed from the end-user perspective 
and I suspect (but don't know for 
newsboat as well.

Watch this space for an update when I 
ultimately do install newsboat.


Newsbeuter is in Debian's 
nstall newsbeuter" will do the trick
f you use Debian.

After installation, you should find a 
.newsbeuter directory inside your home 

"urls" file. "urls" is your list of 
feeds on a new line. If you prefer, 
you can edit the urls file from within 
the newsbeuter program by pressing the 
capital "E" key.

You can also create a file called 
"config" inside the .newsbeuter 
configuration preferences.

Mine looks like this:

browser lynx

More on those options in a moment.


Starting newsbeuter is as easy as 
typing "newsbeuter." That's not a lot 
of fun though, so I've aliased it as 
"rss" in my .bashrc file.


Up and down arrows -- move up and down 
your list of feeds or list of 

Enter -- open a feed or item/article.

q -- go back. Basically, you quit your 

o -- open an article in a browser. If 
you don't create the config 
file and specify the browser, 
newsbeuter will use your system 

"q" will close the browser and return 
you to newsbeuter, which makes 
navigation kind of seamless. q-q-q 
back to where you want to be.

At any time, you can press the "?" key 
to open the help screen, which 


Newsbeuter also handles podcasts!

Add the podcasts to your urls list. 
Navigate through them as usual. If you 
"e" to enqueue the episode for 

You don't actually listen to the 

Exit newsbeuter -- or just open 
another terminal if you want to read 
feeds and listen to podcasts at the 

the list of episodes that you've 
enqueued for download in newsbeuter.

Navigate to an episode with the arrow 



Note that podbeuter will only play the 
episode if you have defined a player 
n your config file.

machine to minimize keystrokes.


[1] The newsbeuter website is at 

[2] Newsboat can be found at

[3] Obligatory k.mandla link: